President And Melania Trump Visit Pearl Harbor, Media Stunned To Silence By What Happens Next

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After the North Korea crisis, United States President Donald Trump is headstrong, determined, and ready to visit Asia.

President Trump’s first stop will be at Pearl Harbor before heading out to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines on his tour.

Trump’s team at the White House explained that he is going to “underscore his commitment to longstanding United States alliances and partnerships, and reaffirm United States leadership in promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific region.”

Despite Trump’s meetings being closely watched and analyzed, he plans on keeping a strong eye and iron-willed charisma on the key issues in each country he plans to visit. 

Reported by libertywriters:

Trump is off to Asia on a big trip and the media is in full panic mode. They are raising the stakes daily saying this is make or break for our policy in Asia and if Trump screws it up we may end up in nuclear war.

Typical media hysteria. For Trump has already won the “big” negotiations in the region and this trip is really more to tie up loose ends and take a shared victory lap.

Trump won’t gloat and he doesn’t have to because he already accomplished more than Obama, Bush, or Clinton did in the region. Combined.

All our leaders have said they would get tough on China re: fair trade and that they would solve North Korea, etc.

That is what the left forgets – if you go back to Obama’s and Clinton’s and even Bush’s campaign platform you will see some similarities with Trump because everyone knows that is what America wants.

But until Trump it was just talk from our leaders. In less than a year Trump has China actually hitting North Korea where it hurts.

He has them on the defensive on trade – he may allow some bad trade deals with China for North Korea help if he wants to or he can squeeze them later.

The Chinese don’t know what he will do and that gives Trump an edge. Also they have already moved on North Korea so Trump is in the driver’s seat.

For an ace in the hole Trump has done what every past leader said they would regarding domestic companies offshoring jobs but was too timid.

He is dangling the carrot to keep them and he has been willing to use the stick to get them to stay.

The results speak for themselves on that front.

So he can let China have their lousy trade deals, solve North Korea, and use domestic pressure to keep jobs here.

In other words Trump, contrary to what the media will tell you, has already won, which means that America has already won, and going to Asia is a victory lap.

His first stop was in Hawaii and he was received warmly and met with the U.S. Pacific Command and the governors of Alaska, Hawaii and Pacific U.S. territories.

He also took a quick visit to Pearl Harbor. According to Fox News he said before the visit:

“We are going to visit very shortly, Pearl Harbor, which I’ve read about, spoken about, heard about, studied, but I haven’t seen. And that is going to be very exciting for me.”

But when he got there he did something that stunned the press into silence. They were expecting Trump to do what all past presidents have done – make it a big spectacle and bore everyone with a tedious speech written by some intern.

Not Trump. Instead he did something unexpected and most respectful – he honored the memorial by staying silent.

Not one word. Just respect. And a salute.


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