Meghan McCain Demands Trump Be Investigated….


Following an accusation made by beloved columnist E. Jean Carroll that President Donald Trump raped her in the mid-1990’s, the hosts of “The View” weighed in, putting their support behind an investigation into the incident.

While the president has categorically denied the claims, host Joy Behar said that she believes Carroll, saying, “If it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck,” of Trump.

Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Republican Sen. John McCain was not on Trump’s side either saying, “In general, I don’t believe anything anybody tells me without asking questions,” she said, but added that she “would like to open up the investigation”

Carroll’s accusation was made public Friday afternoon, and show host Whoopi Goldberg introduced the esteemed guest to Monday’s edition of the show:

“Advice columnist E. Jean Carroll is the latest woman to make sexual assault allegations against the guy in the White House,” moderator Goldberg said at the top of the show.

“He’s denying this ever happened.” Behar was quick to point out, adding, “It’s not like we don’t have any evidence that he would like to assault women. He said that on the Access Hollywood tape.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin, who serves as a legal expert for ABC, noted that Carroll had “immediately told two friends,” one of which instructed the alleged victim to stay quiet about the assault.

“This happened allegedly in 1995 or 1996, and that is why, even today, rape is the most unreported crime in our country,” explained Hostin.

“Bill de Blasio has offered to open up the investigation,” said McCain. “I think, 100 percent, we should open up that investigation. I think [Carroll] deserves that.”

The self-described conservative also said that she, of course, believes that Trump is “capable of sexual assault and raping women,” but said that she still believes that assault allegations should be treated with a certain degree of skepticism.

“I have a problem — and I think of the Asia Argento story — believe everyone all the time and not asking questions,” said McCain. “In life in general, I don’t believe anything anybody tells me without asking questions.”

“I’m a politician’s daughter,” she continued. “I’ve been lied to my entire life by people.”

“Again, I know this probably makes me unpopular in this space, but she’s accusing a lot of other very prominent, famous men of sexual assault, and I believe, of rape.”

“I would just like to open up the investigation,” repeated McCain. “I would like to know more information.”

11 thoughts on “Meghan McCain Demands Trump Be Investigated….

  1. As a rule I think waiting 25 years to level a charge would probably be excessive. Well, more of a guideline than a rule unless it can count on support of a corrupted media an the release of a book that couldn’t sell 10 copies without some kind of hype.

  2. Amazing how so many butt ugly women are always so concerned about rape. All the View Gals could walk through a prison naked and not be touched.

  3. I have to wonder about the sanity of people who even consider having an investigation. WHAT exactly is there to be ‘investigated?’ Some crazy lady wants to sell a book. What better way to get everyone’s attention than to accuse the president of rape?! There is NO PROOF, there is NO DNA, the wacko’s story doesn’t even add up…. why was she carrying her handbag around while waiting on a customer? Why would a multi billionaire want sex with a 52 year old sales clerk when he dated beautiful, sexy, YOUNG models? Why is this crazy 75 year old woman FLIRTING with Cooper Anderson, on live TV, knowing that he is openly gay and in a relationship!? WHY investigate something that is IMPOSSIBLE to fairly judge or prosecute, unless your goal is only to embarrass, accuse, and control how people view our president right before election time? Why investigate when the ‘statute of limitation’ has been expired for years?! Shame on Meghan McCain…. her hatred for Trump over rules her sense of reason!

    1. yes, did you see the repulsed look on his face!? He couldn’t wait to get off air! What a nut job she is, and yes, why would she even qualify as someone vaguely interesting to someone as suave and debonaire as DJT was in those days and could have anyone he wanted, without ‘raping’ them! And then she goes on to call rape, “sexy”!? What the hell is she on? Just because she couldn’t make it as a writer, she now has to prostitute herself as some accuser to gain attention to her alleged book that probably wouldn’t make it to the supermarket shelves if it wasn’t for the false accusations and media attention, which they love because they hate DJT! We love him and they can slide right on into Hell with their HATE! The devil will welcome them, into the lake of fire for eternity! People need to be careful what they do to others while they are here, because we will reap what we sow.

  4. And just what the he’ll does she think has been happening to Trump for the last two years???

  5. not only is this woman not DJT’s type, but she called a very serious crime, “sexy”! What does that tell you about the mentality of someone who lends herself to be used by the left in another smear campaign, initiated by Nazi P.!

  6. oh, the truthful one, Bill De Blasio, who changed his German name so he wouldn’t be looked upon as a Nazi!? Yes, his name was Wilheit, or something along those lines…What a credible witness to anything! HA!

  7. Megan needs to get over her hatred of herself, striking out at everyone. She should apologize to Donald J. Trump. Hey, yu can shoot the judge, but the verdict still stands. She is showing her immaturity and lack of class by wanting others to look badly just because her father did by making the wrong decisions. Let’s dig up the past about her father and see how she likes it. She is encouraging others to do just that with POTUS. She needs counseling by someone that will tell her the truth. I wrote her a letter, hope it does some good. But she needs to stop associating what her father did witg herself and let go of the shame and blame and stop fighting everyone because she feels condemned. She isn’t responsible for what he did, and she needs to separate the facts. President Trump allowed her family to have a military funeral, and used government facilities to accomplish that for them. She should feel grateful that he was allowed as much dignity, after what he did to dishonor us all! She needs to forgive him and herself and forgive anyone she feels legally entitled to blame. Hate will eat her up. and she will never go forward, but stay stuck in her misery if she does not recognize the forest, instead of the tree. She needs to take a step back, a deep breath and turn and go around the obstacle in her mind’s eye. She will never be free until she does so. we are praying for her.

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