Liberal Schools FINING Children Who Don’t Come With A Mask!


As a people, we forget things all the time. Often times, it is something that is more than forgivable or something that can be easily fixed.

Every time I have to fly for business, I always get asked by my wife if I made sure to buy a giant pack of chewing gum for the plane. The reason being is that the one time I forgot to buy it at the airport I was running late and ended up on a four-hour flight with my head feeling like it was stuck in a vise.

So, certain things can be prevented and if they can’t, you shouldn’t punish people who don’t have much control over a situation. Like kids. Kids forget things too, and sometimes it has nothing to do with them not being on the ball. That doesn’t mean we should punish them.

An Oklahoma school district that was supplying masks to its students who didn’t wear them to school is now charging students who show up at school without a face covering.

Students in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, will now either have to call their parents or pay the school if they forget their masks at home, according to KOKH-TV.

Rector Johnson Middle School and Broken Bow High School posted virtually identical messages on Facebook on Monday to inform parents of the decision.

“Our students are all aware there are several classrooms they attend daily that masks are required,” read a post on the Broken Bow Public Schools Facebook page.

“This decision to continue to protect our most vulnerable was supported and approved by our school board several months ago. We have been very accommodating and patient with students as they continue to arrive to school without a mask. We have issued reuseable masks countless times to our students but now they have depleted our resources.”

The post said students had been notified of the new policy before it went into effect.

“As we announced over the intercom last week: Starting today, Monday, January 25th, we will be selling masks for $1 to students that come without them. If they do not have $1 to buy one, they will be asked to call a parent/guardian to bring them a mask or bring them $1 to purchase one,” the post read.

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1 thought on “Liberal Schools FINING Children Who Don’t Come With A Mask!

  1. These are supposed to be educators? They should fire them all, disband the Teacher’s Union. Not only is corrupt Quid Pro Joe beholden to Communist China, Quid Pro is also beholden to the Teacher Union. The teacher’s Union is going against the science, when it comes to the kids in school. The school districts can always hire new teachers. Teachers are a dime a dozen. There are plenty of teachers that don’t have jobs that would like to teach. If a kid comes to school without a mask, then the school should supply that child with one. As for their fine, the can take their fine and shove it you know where.

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