Leaked Docs Prove Hillary’s Hands Are All Over The Deep State Reset!


Coronavirus has wrecked not just America and the whole world. Every country is struggling due to this pandemic ad yet nobody seems to have the slightest clue where the virus originated from other than former President Donald Trump. During the last months of his presidency, Trump suggested that COVID-19 was a product of a Chinese lab. And as we all know, the liberals not only labeled Trump as a racist for his comments but even de-platformed him. Well, thanks to leaked State Department documents, it appears that failed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton might share Trump’s beliefs about COVID-19.

A cable from 2009 WikiLeaks, shows Clinton was not only worried about the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but she even advised an Australia Group in Paris on the potential biological weapons the country could possess. The Australia Group website claims their primary goal is to “seek to ensure that exports do not contribute to the development of chemical or biological weapons.” It should also be noted that China is not a member country of the group.

Clinton said, “We believe it is important to focus on emerging chemical and biological technologies, trends in the trade of CBW-related goods and threats.” And surprisingly, Clinton’s worries about China were so serious that she wrote France, saying, “The U.S. believes participants would benefit from hearing about your experiences assisting China in setting up a Biosafety Level-4 (BSL-4) laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology from the export control and intangible technology transfer perspectives. We are particularly interested to know how China plans to vet incoming foreign researchers from countries of biological weapons proliferation concern.”

The interesting thing now how her “fingerprints” get placed all over this “global reset.” Now that you know what those leaked docs say, what Hillary did and said about COVID back in 2020 will spark a lot of fair-minded people to believe that she was in on all of it.

Clinton appeared to have a change of heart in 2020 when then-President Trump accused China of releasing the virus into the public. She tweeted, “The president is turning to racist rhetoric to distract from his failures to take the coronavirus seriously early on, make tests widely available, and adequately prepare the country for a period of crisis. Don’t fall for it. Don’t let your friends and family fall for it.”

That same tweet was also picked up by Chinese news outlets and presented as evidence that they had no involvement with COVID-19. But as the investigations continue, it appears not only did China play a significant part in the outbreak but worked even harder to cover it up.

When Trump was up for reelection, Hillary did a complete 360 on her original beliefs and concerns about Wuhan and then went so far as to “run cover” for China while slamming Trump.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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  1. Omg…..Hillary is insane….who cares what she says at this point in time….we the people would love to see her in prison for her remaining time on earth….crime after crime and she has not paid the piper….her life has been corrupt and still she lives in luxury but I feel she is tormented because she can’t hide anywhere or go anywhere and find a satisfying life….she holds her husband in captivity with her so he is miserable too. But luxury is still where they live….one of the most hated couples in the world living in mansions of sin…

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