Kevin Sorbo And Ted Cruz Have Just Teamed Up For A Herculean Effort!


American actor Kevin Sorbo and Politician Ted Cruz posted a comment on Wednesday on their social media accounts giving the impression that media becomes even more of a joke.

Kevin Sorbo posted on his twitter account “just so we’re clear: a member of the Nation of Islam killed a capitol police officer and the media is silent.”

Sorbo’s post points out the member of the Nation of Islam who died assaulting Capitol cops last week. In a statement Tuesday, the Nation of Islam confirmed that Noah Green, 25, was studying to become a full member but blamed “potential mental illness” for him plowing a car into two Capitol cops and then jumping out with a knife on Friday.

Ever since it was revealed that the shooter was a member of the Nation of Islam, the media has literally been silenced over this.

Sorbo’s post then replied by Cruz saying “yup. Like the Colorado shooting, the media magically erased it.”

He meant about the 10 people killed in mass shooting at King Soopers. Boulder Police and both state and federal prosecutors have held four press briefings since the shooting. The accused gunman has had one court appearance and remains in custody. His next status conference is May 25.

Usually when a mass shooting takes place, the media runs 24/7 coverage on it for the next 90 days or so, getting every expert from across the globe to weigh in.

But curiously this time there’s been virtually no discussion.


1 thought on “Kevin Sorbo And Ted Cruz Have Just Teamed Up For A Herculean Effort!

  1. Our country has many corrupt politicians. It is sickening when they should be our best and they are now our worst people.

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