Just In: Obama’s IRS Found Guilty By Federal Judge


Elder Patriot’s Opinion| After a decade-long battle against the IRS and other federal agencies, True the Vote has won a major decision in federal court and shall be awarded maximum attorney fees.

True the Vote is an initiative developed by citizens for citizens to inspire and equip citizen activists for involvement at every stage of America’s electoral process in order to guarantee free and fair elections for all Americans.

True the Vote’s founder, Catherine Englebrecht released this statement via Youtube:

“… we won.  True the Vote has finally and completely beaten the IRS.  They discriminated against us in and out of court. And now, the court has slammed them…

… when I testified before Congress I made a commitment that we would never retreat, we would never surrender…

On May 30th U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton issued a stunning rebuke of the IRS while ruling for True the Vote.  

Judge Walton awarded True the Vote the maximum attorney’s fees permitted under the law due to the IRS’s blatant discrimination against the conservative organization.  The award is almost certain to surpass $2 million.

D. 162 Memorandum Opinion o… by on Scribd

Lois Lerner was Obama’s Director of the Exempt Organizations Unit at the IRS at the time the targeting of conservatives had become policy.

Some Republicans, charged Lerner with denying the tax exempt status of conservative organizations in order to limit their ability to raise money and curtail their ability to make their message widely heard.

The most appalling aspect of Lerner’s criminal behavior was when she asserted her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination when questioned by Congress.

The 2010 IRS program appears to be the precursor to the Obama administration’s later (beginning in 2012) NSA database abuse.

With all that we’ve learned about the Obama administration’s weaponization of the intelligence community against his political opponents since the IRS scandal broke, we view the so-called IRS scandal as actually the beginning of something much, much more sinister than previously thought.

Remember, Eric Holder was the Attorney General running the Department of Justice in 2010.  And, Robert Mueller was the FBI director at that time.

Why, in 2010, did Mueller request that the IRS turn over to the FBI, “21 disks constituting a 1.1 million page database of information from 501(c)(4) tax exempt organizations when there was/is a financial crimes unit already in place at the IRS?

And, why did Holder allow it?

Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse suggests that Obama learned a lesson from the dust up that followed the IRS scandal.  One that colored his administration’s future strategies to target his political opponents:

Lesson Learned – It would appear the Obama administration learned a lesson from attempting to gather a large opposition research database operation inside a functioning organization large enough to have some good people that might blow the whistle.

The timeline reflects a few months after realizing the “Secret Research Project” was now worthless (June 2012), they focused more deliberately on a smaller network within the intelligence apparatus and began weaponizing the FBI/NSA database. If our hunch is correct, that is what will be visible in footnote #69:

Fusion GPS was not hired in April 2016 to research Donald Trump. As shown in the evidence provided by the FISC, the intelligence community was already doing surveillance and spy operations [likely since 2012]. The Obama administration already knew everything about the Trump campaign, and were monitoring everything by exploiting the FISA database.

However, after the NSA alerts in/around March 9th, 2016, and particularly after the April 18th shutdown of contractor access, the Obama intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to create a legal albeit ex post facto justification for the pre-existing surveillance and spy operations. Fusion GPS gave them that justification in the Steele Dossier.

Catherine Englebrecht told Breitbart News during an exclusive interview with the news outlet:

“This is a huge victory for every American who thinks that they can’t go up against the government and get what they deserve.  This is an opportunity to make very clear that we didn’t back away and, therefore, American citizens didn’t back away—and we won.”

She may not yet understand how big this victory actually is.

47 thoughts on “Just In: Obama’s IRS Found Guilty By Federal Judge

    1. Along with I’ll take the 5th Lois Lerner, throw John Koskinen in with her who was Director of the IRS at the time. He showed himself to be a real weasel during the hearings.

  1. Like Biden said, their was no scandals in the Obama administration, guess he forgot that conservatives aren’t stupid, remember, Benghazi, healthcare, money to terrorist groups, leaving all military equipment in Iraq for ISIS, spending 10 trillion in 8 years should also be on the list of a scandal.


  2. So the Kenyan half breed, racist, muslim, anti-American 666prick’s666 lies stood UNTIL Trump was elected; we must turn out in droves and win back the House to protect Trump and his work,

    1. could you do us all a favor and shoot yourself? thanks, we really dont need racist scumbags like you on our side. okay, thank you.

  3. This is not a great victory, because it only compels the govt. to pay the victims, using taxpayer dollars. There should be criminal prosecution of all involved in this totalitarian scheme, starting with Lois Lerner and the other IRS officials. Faced with hard time, Lois et al. might decide to roll over on Obama, who doubtless ordered the persecution of conservatives; we know that top IRS officials were shuttling back and forth to the White House during commission of the crime.

  4. Thank You for your efforts but until some of these fascist liberal criminals go to jail there is sincerely no impact on the SWAMP! Some of the Bleepers got to do time!

  5. I remember watching Ms. Englebrecht and shaking my head. LOSER Lois thinks she got away without being prosecuted for her blatant crimes but she will be held accountable (as we all will be) to the ONE who she truly targeted.

  6. Once you put about 10 of these above the law miscreants in prison you will see a landslide movement to throw their colleagues under the bus first in order to save their asses. Should be fun to watch as it all unravels. The Democrats party may never be able to regain their position and hopefully just fade away. Clintons, Soros, Hach, and about 10 other power players are just as guilty as the Russians and Chinese for trying to overturn elections. Once they are behind bars we may see this nation functioning in a logical, peaceful manner. jwstx

  7. This monetary funds awarded to the victims should be taken from the taxpayers money that Lerner , Obama and all the animals that actually broke the laws, not the American people who the socialist traitors ruled over. JAIL< JAIL< JAIL and under the jail is the answer for these animals plus some the firing squad.

    1. Not just jail for them. Take over their monetary accounts, and use those monies to pay the awards given by the courts to the plaintiffs who have been given those awards. Use the defendants money, and not tax payer money. In a civil case, the one charged to pay the debt does so out of their own money. That should be how it is done, here, in this case and others to come.

      1. Great idea Kerry! I wish I could believe they will pay and actually do time but I have seen nothing
        that would indicate this would truly happen. Clinton committed treason, Comey helped her get off, Obama
        never did anything to help America and did his best to weaken her as did his wife…the list goes on and on.

  8. Great victory! But as a very conservative Republican my question is, “Where the hell have all my concerned ‘Republican’ senate, representative, governor, etc. office holders been in all the years these things have been taking place!” And my response is, “Don’t bother contacting me with you damned reelection fundraising pleas, my support is going to to every outsider that has never held office and at least promises to try to drain this fetid swamp mess. It is as much my self-serving Republican incumbents fault as it is the constant sleazy “gimme” crowd on the other side.

  9. Two million tax payers dollars, like the IRS really gives a rats behind about spending two million tax payers dollars!

  10. Well, until I see people being arrested and thrown in jail all this is just dog and pony fluff that to the law abiding citizen means absolutely nothing, zero, nada. So , the IRS or we the people will be stuck with paying the 2 million dollars while Lois Lerner gets to enjoy her mansion she just bought on Nantucket.

  11. ALL IRS employees must do time. ALL those that they attacked must be formally notified and offered a settlement.
    If aka obama and or his elected and or appointed officials ordered or knowingly allowed this to happen they must be so charged and brought to trial.

  12. Jail them all if the republicans have the guts to do this. Bleed them all of their assets like the did to general Flynn who served our country unlike most of the idiots in congress.

  13. Is there a reason why they won’t charge the Muslim Prick Obama with any crimes? Who cares that he is an ex-president. That fraud Kamala Harris if she becomes president (never happen) wants to charge Trump when he gets out of office. Two can play that game. There is no reason why Obama and corrupt communist Bitch Clinton aren’t indicted, and anyone else in the previous Administration, like Comey McCabe, Brennan, Clapper,Rice, Jarrett, former head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz for fixing the primary, etc.There are plenty of bureaucrats and people in the previous administration that should be in jail.

  14. I’ve covered this ground before, but some people learn hard. The law governing tax exempts was misinterpreted by IRS in their Cincinnati, OH office where a single word reversed the meaning. That wrongly permitted Political Action Committees to claim tax exemption while illegally making campaign contributions to politicians. Discovering the error meant that mostly conservative tax exempts had to lose their exemption, leading to a charge of persecution of conservative PACs. IRS official Lerner missed the error, didn’t want to go to jail testifying to congress, so took the 5th Amendment in hearings. It has/had a nasty taste which led to lawsuits against discrimination. The plain truth is, a mistake was made interpreting/enforcing the law (attributed to then President Obama). So there’s simply an interpretation of the law wrongly, enforcement of the wrong opposite meaning of the law, and action to correct the error now called discrimination by Obama against conservatives. It’s a false narrative, faux news, wasteful hearings/lawsuits used to smear a good president, negligent IRS Director and (all but one) official in the Cincinnati IRS Office. Get over the politics and pursue the legal story here, a wrong made right that put some conservative noses out of joint.

    1. ONLYJB1, sad to inform you that any convictions would be applied to those at the IRS office in predominantly Republican Cincinnati. That office is primarily responsible for dealing with applications for tax exemptions and which made the wrong interpretation of the ‘single word’ in the law that opened Pandora’s Box. Higher ups like Lois Lerner are culpable as up-line supervisors but you know the heavy hammer of justice falls on the lowest bureaucrats on the totem pole, the Commissioner of IRS and never the former president.

    1. Any money involved would be conservative PAC dollars illegally spent or sent to politicians. Do you want campaigns to repay the PACs? You call plaintiffs ‘criminals’ but reading my first paragraph should show you it would be hard to ‘blame’ any one person for misinterpreting the law to mean the opposite of its intent by congress. Do you want Cincinnati bureaucrats to make some ‘penalty’ payment? That’s ordinarily a civil lawsuit in the future. No money was ‘wasted’ by any PAC donating money to candidates though the law was broken in the act. What’s the remedy here for a mistake–million dollar fine???

  15. If people get away with treason, they can get away with anything. They must have much information on those who will not convict them. It is time to settle the score for the law abiding American citizens or they may have to take the law into their own hands to protect themselves eventually.

    1. There’s no treason in this issue, only gross misguidance of political PAC personnel that their activities are tax deductible. Are you snowed by the president’s calling everything in the Russia probe ‘treason’? Pretty shallow thinking, if any. I’m dismayed you advocate in public that citizens break the law and wreak vengeance on somebody, or recommend immoral behavior that violates Christian principles. Nobody can take the law into their own hands–a serious divorce by you from American law and order, not to mention national insurrection that’s illegal. And ‘protection’ from who or what do you imagine would require breaking the law ‘to protect’ you or anybody at any time?

  16. If people get away with treason, they can get away with anything. They must have much information on those who will not convict them. It is time to settle the score for the law abiding American citizens or they may have to take the law into their own hands to protect themselves eventually.

  17. Did you double your reply accidentally, or is it symptomatic of a deeper mental problem–with conforming to law, with forgiving another human being, with walking the strait and narrow Christian path, or with writing inflammatory nonsense because you hide your identity behind a phony penname thereby avoiding any comeuppance or retribution from family, friends, neighbors or co-workers? Are you inept on the keyboard or a deviant human being, perhaps a Russian hacker or bot residing in Moscow and schmoozing with crooked dictator Putin?

  18. These “Agency” people were laughing at Congress people before and after the hearings, to this day these “Agency’ people still believe they are above the elected officials of the country. So much so the Agencies have been infiltrated with a number of groups of people with common agendas to each of their ‘groups’ and the ‘groups’ sometimes have a common interest- staying in charge of the Agencies. Perhaps one day there will be a cleansing of the Agencies… at least get rid of Nationalist Socialists working on tax payers money running their Agenda of having Agencies being a political arm.

    1. You’re making this up, ‘laughing at Congress’; nobody appearing before congress in testimony laughs at the process. That’s reserved for posse comitatus outlaws, scoff-laws and Pres. Trump/AG Barr–and you. The IRS people are simply trying to do a job and made an error of interpreting the law–deliberately or not. Personally I don’t think people from the IRS and residing in conservative Ohio’s very conservative Cincinnati would ever laugh at a mistake that put conservative PACs in the position they found–giving up tax exemption denied ordinarily to political action. Tax exempt status is reserved for religious and charitable organizations and individuals. Maybe this is obvious or maybe it isn’t; somebody made a mistake, but it’s no laughing matter. You are spouting conspiracy theories reserved for the ultra-conservative or far right. It’s laughable to those of us demanding law and order that you treat ordinary Americans simply doing their jobs as conspiring in anything. Do you even know any State or national bureaucrats you extremists call the ‘deep state’? I do, and they are just like you and me–well, maybe just me, doing my job.
      There has already been a sort of ‘cleansing’ of bureaucrats by Trump failure to hire or even deliberately allowing seats to go unfilled at the tops and within federal agencies. We have already lost many competent ‘groups’ of people vital to national security and keeping the wheels of the world leader turning. Big nation; big demands for service. Top nation; top urgency for great people, not the ‘acting’ leaders of Trump or conservative ‘too big’ mantra for the #1 nation in the world. Bureaucrats I know always hide or minimize the effects of their political beliefs while working. What’s needed is cleansing of the airwaves of deviants like you who don’t respect government or people. Are you a Russian bot or hacker stirring up foment and distrust for crooked Putin and the Russian military or spying services?

  19. And Lois Lerner holds up a middle finger to America! And fools still think we have justice in this country! It’s a two teared system! If you’re politician or a politico of any sort you can say screw the law! If you’re a peon you go to prison for many years or forever! Welcome to America!

    1. You don’t really say what about Lerner you object to? If it’s leaning on her 5th Amendment right to silence, she’s in the right and you are wrong. That’s Constitutional justice guaranteed since 1789 that you don’t like. Do you even support the Constitution? Are you are Russian bot or hacker sowing discord–‘middle finger’ and ‘fools’ language? No doubt the rich have good lawyers to protect them, but even that’s law and order. I suspect you are a Trump supporter, so you are two-faced here, berating Lerner resting on her right while you ‘go to prison’. It’s the American way and needs a ‘pro bono public advocate for you’. You can’t emulate the crooked president. He’s slowly getting his comeuppance according to another American principle ‘due process’. Back to school for you in American History and Law 101.

    2. two tiered system perhaps, or even a thousand teared! Here’s a new idea. How about teaching English to Americans………with an emphasis on spelling and grammer?

  20. I’ll second the motion. You need a class on spelling and grammar. The people I associate with all speak, read and write Standard American English? You also want to?

  21. I’ve covered this issue before, but it bears repeating for faux news imbibers. Republican-based Cincinnati IRS office misinterpreted tax exempt law from congress (not Pres. Obama) for which Commissioner Lerner was responsible as agency head (not Pres. Obama). Conservative PACs Political Action Committees rushed to get tax exempt status under the wrong definition. They wanted new ability to act politically but also be tax exempt in politics–prohibited under the tax code. The error discovered, and corrected, PACs were reclassified OUT of tax exemption and got their noses out of joint calling it discrimination. It’s not. The law as written and intended keeps tax exempts out of politics. Get over it, not conservative bias at all. Lerner simply protected herself from prosecution taking the Fifth.

  22. I see a lot of people screaming for prosecution and punishment for this blatant criminal act. Sorry, it’s not gonna happen! Maybe someday when it is way to late people in this country will wake the h;ll up and realize you don’t have equal justice under the law. Obama and Clinton created a two teared justice system that is still in control even today and will stay in control. Laws were and are written for peons to follow and for the elite to ignore. It’s what 8 years of an illegal POTUS has given you folks and its not being undone. Barr isn’t the knight in shinning armor that’s going to fix everything. For anyone to say this isn’t Obamas fault, you’re even more braindead than most.

  23. We’re talking about human beings, suspicions aside, who can make mistakes. The reverse definition of a single word does boggle the imagination, but there it is, a mistake. Motivations aside, the interpretation was corrected, and retroactively applied to relevant PACs (and other assignments of applicants). It’s significant, and more than curious, that the major complaints were expressed by conservative PACs who had to know (unless incompetently led) they were exceptions to the tax law against political activity WITH tax exemption. It’s all a phony outrage by conservatives who know the law, understand it was misapplied due to error, yet want to feign outrage that the law is now being correctly applied, making them taxable PACs. This, Ray, IS CORRECT application of equal justice under tax law. It has nothing to do with Obama or Clinton but the Cincinnati tax exempt oriented IRS office. Conspiracy mongers might make a case for the Cincinnati office, being located in a strongly Republican city, deliberately making the wrong interpretation of law to benefit Republican/conservative PACs seeking a tax exemption benefit, to seem ‘blatant criminal’. Spurious arguments with Lerner’s 5th Amendment invocation during a relevant hearing make it seem there is Republican wrong-doing caught red-handed. But the issue was resolved according to law. Let it be.

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