Incompetent Joe Didn’t Want To Test ILLEGALS And It Has TOTALLY BACKFIRED!


You ever tell someone that something is going to happen an exact certain way and they don’t listen to you, and then have to deal with the aftermath of things blowing up in their face?

It seems that things like that tend to happen all of the time with Joe Biden, we have been telling him what was going to happen if he didn’t do certain things in regard to illegal aliens and now look at him. He’s got a big mess that he has to clean up now.

If he would have just told people that the store was closed we wouldn’t be having the problems that he is having…

Just as conservatives expressed concerns about Joe Biden letting as many illegal aliens into the country as possible, it has been discovered that two detention ce3nters in Texas have been overrun by the virus. The filthy and unsanitary conditions certainly don’t help any.

The q1uestion is, how many infected people have been sent across the country and how many more will Biden send? How many will Biden have to kill before he sees the light?

Gov Greg Abbott has ordered an investigation into the detention centers but it may not do any good since Biden probably will refuse to cooperate. I wonder if that is part of Biden’s or his puppet master are sending these illegals to red states in order to kill off Republican voters.

I know that sounds farfetched, but why are they not testing illegals when they are caught. How many flare-ups will result because of this?

With 100,000 illegals entering the United States a month, the whole country is rife for renewed COVID-19 pandemic. It is ridiculous that we are not testing incoming illegals for the virus, especially considering that Democratic governors were the architects of the Draconian lockdowns.

Besides the unsanitary conditions at the detention centers, it is also rumored that the drinking water could be bad at the facilities too.

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