Illegal Day Care Exposed for Drugging Children’s Food


By nature, I am a bit of a prankster. There is one genre of prank that I will never play on anyone; I will not do anything to anyone’s food. Ever.

There’s a good reason. This reason comes from when I was in the military and as a joke, one time on watch I poured a little bit of Tabasco sauce into someone’s soda when they weren’t looking.

Of course, they take a big sip and I laugh as they cough and gag at the obvious surprise of tasting hot sauce when they thought they were tasting Pepsi. Then the person got really serious, and looked at me and asked, “Do you know whether or not I am allergic to the stuff in Tabasco sauce?”

I replied that I did not, and then this person said that is the reason why you should never mess with anyone’s food. Since that day over two decades ago I have not played any food related pranks.

The reason I am saying all of this to you before we get to the meat of the matter is that you really shouldn’t give anyone something if you don’t know exactly how it is immediately going to affect them. Sure, giving someone two aspirin might seem like a harmless thing when you are looking at things from way up in the sky; but if you don’t know that person, they may have some sort of medical issue where taking an aspirin might be lethal to them

Which brings me to something that just absolutely makes my blood boil. There’s nothing that gets me worked up more than hearing about someone abusing children.

Four people that worked at a day care in New Hampshire have been charged after dosing children’s food with melatonin.

For the uninitiated, melatonin is a natural sleep aid that many folks take in place of sleep aids that have more potentially harmful side effects.

It appears that the four people that were arrested were having issues with getting the children to lay down for nap time. So they were sprinkling crushed up melatonin supplements into the food that they were giving these kids.

The big problem, aside from the fact that this was being done to them in the first place, is that all of this was done under the noses of the parents of these children. They were not given any notice that this was happening. I can’t imagine that they would have given their consent for this.

I mean, what if the people crushing this stuff up somehow messed up on what they thought was going to be a “safe” dose for these kids? How would they have been able to explain it?

Well, they will be able to explain themselves soon enough. Four of the daycare employees turned themselves in and in the investigation it was found out that the four were operating the facility without a license.

The idea that someone would do this to an innocent child that just wants to eat their cereal and then go play with blocks until mom picks them up after work should make any reasonable person want to vomit.

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