How This Child Spent $1,700 Online Is Totally Beyond Belief….


A New Jersey family is learning to limit their child’s screen time after discovering their 22-month-old son accidentally charged almost $2,000 while playing on his mother’s phone.

According to News12, the Kumar family had just moved into a new home when they immediately started receiving packages they never ordered.

Initially, they thought they were being pranked as multiple shipments from Walmart’s online delivery arrived on their doorstep and most of the surprise packages included furniture.

After some investigation, the family noticed their credit card had been charged a whopping $1,700, and the culprit for overspending was their toddler — Ayaansh Kumar.

The 22-month-old had accidentally racked up a Walmart bill for almost $2,000.

Ayaansh Kumar isn’t even 2 years old, but like most children today, he loves to play on his electronic device. But that activity recently got him into some expensive trouble.

“He just went to the cart and whatever was there, boom, he just clicked and all payments just went through,” father Pramod Kumar said.

His mother, Madhu, had filled her online cart with furniture she liked. But like most people, she planned on narrowing her choices before finalizing the purchase.

However, when Ayaansh got his hands on her phone, he went ahead and bought it all. And soon after, packages began to arrive at his Middlesex County home.

“This came as a surprise to us, as we never thought that he would place that many orders,” his father Pramod Kumar said. “We have been getting packages all week now and are running out of space in our home. Today we got two more big packages.”

We had put the items in an online cart for our review later, to revisit these items and see if we really wanted them or not. My wife thought she would go back and check these out later, to see what she wanted or not,” Pramod added

The family estimates about 75 percent of the purchases have been delivered.

Walmart has promised to refund the family for anything they return.

The Kumars plan to add passcodes to their phones and remove their credit card information.

“He likes phones because everybody is in virtual. They are busy with their phones, his siblings always with their phones and I don’t know, I think he needs a phone,” the mother said.

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