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Waterboy might not sound like one of the jobs that everyone would dream to have. However, in NFL, waterboy is one of the essential positions on an NFL training staff, and the salary along with it will definitely shock you.

In this article, we will discuss how much an NFL waterboy makes and if they are earning a lot of money being one.

Waterboys have existed in athletics as far back as 1869 with the most famous waterboy of all time being without a doubt Adam Sandler’s character, Bobby Boucher, from the movie “The Waterboy.”

While many fans would do this job for free, being a waterboy in the NFL includes a decent salary along with the perks as an added incentive.

A Tik Tok user Jake Thieneman made a video of how much an NFL waterboy is earning. The video he shared on the Chinese-created social media platform earned a lot of attention, especially from NFL fans who were also curious.

Thieneman explains that waterboys earn an average salary of $53,000 for providing water during gameplay.

Their main task is to keep NFL players hydrated by making sure there is always water and other liquids available to the players while they are playing and training. They also provide players with fresh towels and dispose of those that have been used.

He also explained during the video that the salary can be different from team to team but that waterboys are often paid better than you would think.

But if you think that anyone can always be a waterboy, well, that is not the thing, the people hired for the job often have qualifications and a college degree, so they can help support the NFL players to the best of their ability.

“Now, there’s a misconception that these people just hand out water and towels,” Thieneman says. “These are trainers on the athletic training staff.

Most of them have athletic training degrees or [physical therapy] degrees and are learning the craft of treating players’ injuries and helping guys stay healthy.”

A lot of people have watched the video and became interested to be one, Thieneman explained that becoming a waterboy is something you want to do, and then you should seek out an “apprenticeship” rather than “just squirting water bottles” at players on the field.

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