He Put Out A Sign Begging For Work, What Happened Next Will Make You….


During the times of the pandemic when businesses are closing down and people are losing their jobs in increasing numbers, a Kentucky man too became unemployed and homeless.

For a lot of people, the COVID-19 pandemic changed many things. Sadly, the majority of those changes were negative. People suffered the loss of their homes, their loved ones, and numerous items that we take for granted with one Kentucky man who lost almost everything- but his perseverance and humility helped him start getting things back in order.

Robert Simpson, a resident of Louisville, was employed as a handyman to support his family. But when the pandemic struck, Robert’s odd jobs, which accounted for the majority of his income, ceased to exist, leaving him unable to cover his expenses.

He lost his apartment and is now homeless along with his girlfriend and their 6-year-old son. Their only source of income was a disability check, so they were forced to move into a motel, which still cost the family approximately $60 each day.

“We have to pay rent every day,” Robert said, “And it costs $55 to $60 to stay there, and I’m running short on money.” Robert only had a small disability check coming in each month, which wasn’t enough to make ends meet.

And to find help or support, Robert had to take desperate measures to get by.

Robert took to the streets with a sign, “Handyman. 25 years exp. Need work,” looking for an opportunity.

Every day for a week, Robert stood by the side of the road, his commitment unwavering in the face of the sweltering heat. His attitude impressed onlookers, who posted images of him on social media. He was able to take a break thanks to one of these images of a Good Samaritan just come for help.

The owner of Greenstar Home Remodeling, Kyle Kark, saw his photo and decided to offer Simpson a job.

“We just made the decision to have him come on,” he said. “I don’t know if we’ll have something for him all the time, but we’ll do what we can to help him get back on his feet,” Kyle said.

Even though Simpson didn’t know how much he would be paid for the demolition work he was hired to complete for Kyle, he started working on the remodeling.

“I started out as a painter, and then I became a landscaper – mechanical work, roofing – whatever I could make money at,” the handyman explained.

Kyle goes above and beyond by picking up Simpson for the job, paying Rob for his work on the first day, and even purchasing groceries for Rob’s family. Kyle was compelled to lend Simpson even more support because of the passion and soul he put into his job.

He initiated a fundraising effort to help the family rebuild their lives. Kyle described the previously unemployed handyman looking for work as “a humble man and has not once asked for a cent he has not earned.”

Kyle wrote, “Green Star hopes that you would join us in helping our neighbor because he and his family need basic necessities like a car and a place to live permanently.”

Watch it here: Youtube/WLKY

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