He Heard Noises From His Attic, What Happened Next Is Insane!


Our home is our safe haven, a sanctuary, and our own private space, and the only people you invite inside are the people you really trust.

But evil people have their own way of disturbing our peace, just like what happens in this couple’s home that was breached by their creepy neighbor doing the unthinkable.

It all started when the couple began hearing strange noises in their attic while sleeping, Jerome heard unusual noises coming from the space. Then, over his head, he noticed light streaming through a pipe.

Jerome and Ashley Kennedy took swift action in setting up a home security system. He mounted a camera in the attic since he was unsure what to make of the noises and light. It recorded some disturbing video.

Shockingly, their next-door neighbor a 69-year-old Robert Havrilla was watching them and their baby after he gained access to their attic.

According to reports, Robert was renovating his own space next door to Kennedy’s home, and he’d installed a removable wall to gain access to their attic.

But that wasn’t all, Jerome discovered that Robert had apparently drilled multiple holes in a common wall in order to spy on the family.

The neighbor was arrested and has pled not guilty to charges of trespassing and stalking, he did not confess to crimes he is accused of committing. He was charged with trespassing and stalking the Kennedy family and does not agree with the prosecution on the case. The Kennedys hope that he will be charged for his alleged crimes so that they can sleep soundly at night.

Watch it here: Inside edition/Youtube

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