FAKE FOX NEWS Caught In Big Time Harassment Scandal!


If you dig deep enough, you can always find the things that people tend to want to hide.

Fox News, for years, has tried to project this image that they are these squeaky clean, fair and balanced type of people. The problem is that they have either lost their way or that they were never like that to begin with. They were merely an actor, playing a part.

Look at the way that they were more than willing to throw Donald Trump under the bus the second he no longer could do anything for them.

Well, it seems that they have some big-time skeletons in their closets.

According to The New Yorker, Fox News quietly paid around $4 million to a woman who had accused a former network host of sexual harassment.

Kimberly Guilfoyle is the former co-host of ‘The Five’, and is currently dating Donald Trump Jr. Guilfoyle also serves as President Trump’s campaign finance chair. She has also been accused of sexual harassment and other inappropriate actions.

According to The New Yorker, one of Guilfoyle’s female assistants at Fox News sent a 42 page confidential draft complaint to company executives in 2018, which accused Guilfoyle of repeated sexual harassment.

The New Yorker article also reveals that Fox News paid an undisclosed sum to the woman, who no longer works for the news channel. The author of the article alleges that the payment was around $4 million, settling out of court.

Guilfoyle was reportedly forced out mid-contract at Fox News.

The New Yorker article corroborates past reporting that Guilfoyle did not leave the network voluntarily, and gives credence to sources which said that she was let go following an internal investigation into allegations of inappropriate conduct.

Six anonymous sources have come forward alleging that Guilfoyle would show personal lewd pictures of men, with whom she had sexual relations, to colleagues. They have also claimed that she regularly discussed sexual matters at work, and was emotionally abusive toward support staff.

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