EXPOSED: New Information On Why Tucker’s Case Was BURIED!


In an opening monologue during Tucker Carlson’s show, he talked about the double standard between the Hunter Biden and the American people, which he described how the information was subdued regarding Hunter Biden after the election since they knew that this whole thing could ruin Joe Biden’s chances to be elected as president.

According to reports that broke this week, intel officials purposeful tried to PUSH the claim it was the Russians pushing a fake laptop from the Kremlin.

However, it is not what we saw in Carlson’s video – Carlson plays a video of Biden from the debate where he spews the lie. Stunning…What’s even more stunning is a follow-up clip of Hunter Biden discussing whether this was his laptop.

According to Politico’s report, the US Attorney for the state of Deleware, David Weiss, held the information back…” at the request of the Biden family and their lawyers.”

Here’s an excerpt from Politico’s reports:

Last summer, federal officials in Delaware investigating Hunter Biden faced a dilemma. The probe had reached a point where prosecutors could have sought search warrants and issued a flurry of grand jury subpoenas. Some officials involved in the case wanted to do just that. Others urged caution. They advised Delaware’s U.S. Attorney, David Weiss, to avoid taking any actions that could alert the public to the existence of the case in the middle of a presidential election.

“To his credit, he listened,” said a person involved in the discussions, reported here for the first time. Weiss decided to wait, averting the possibility that the investigation would become a months-long campaign issue.

Since taking office, President Joe Biden has left Weiss — a Republican appointed by Donald Trump on the recommendation of Delaware’s two Democratic senators — in place. That puts him in one of the most sensitive positions in the Justice Department, deciding how to proceed with an investigation of the president’s son that has proven politically fraught on several fronts.

Watch it here: Youtube/Fox News

“When you cover for a Democratic presidential campaign, you are…a sober-minded prosecutor.”

Carlson did call out the FBI about Hunter Biden’s laptop, but it has been over a year and they have still done nothing about it.

And to highlight the double standard this administration has, he showed a video from CNN showing the arrest of Roger Stone and his wife being arrested in the early morning.

Sources: 100 Percent Fed Up, Politico

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  1. Here’s the big question. Was he threatened or was he bribed. Considering Biden’s history I venture to say he was bribed and there was a veiled threat, take the bribe or else.

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