Epic fight between deadly spider and venomous snake that became tangled in its web – but which one wins?


Spider VS Snake… Which predator has the upper hand in a battle between the two? This awesome footage has the answer and you won’t believe the outcome!



From Mirror:

This video captures the epic fight to the death between a deadly spider and venomous snake that became trapped in its web.

The footage from New South Wales, Australia, has been viewed thousands of times online.

The baby red-bellied black snake can be seen thrashing as it tries to free itself from the web.

Meanwhile the redback spider crawls onto its body and moves in for the kill.

Redback spiders can cause serious health problems even for humans – so it’s not surprising the baby snake is clinically killed.


Wow! That’s amazing but I wouldn’t want either of those two anywhere near my home! Burn it down! YIKES!

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