Donald Trump Has Filed A MASSIVE Lawsuit Against The Washington Post….


In a display of an enduring commitment to truth and corporate integrity, the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) has launched an impressive legal offensive against the Washington Post. The audacious lawsuit, anchored in allegations of defamation and libel against the tech giant, underscores the unrelenting pursuit of justice by TMTG, even in the face of a media landscape marred by bias and skewed reporting.

Emanating from TMTG’s home base in Sarasota, Florida, this gargantuan lawsuit follows in the wake of Fox News’ hefty defamation settlement with Dominion Voting Systems. The intention? TMTG is taking a stand, seeking a staggering $3.7 billion in damages from the Washington Post.

TMTG’s lawsuit points a sharp finger at the publication of an online article by the Guardian on March 15, 2023, featuring spurious claims and unfounded implications. The publication’s assertions— that federal investigators probed TMTG for potential money laundering, New York prosecutors broadened their criminal inquiry into the company, and questions about the acceptance of $8m with suspected Russian ties— all form the basis of the lawsuit.

In a plot twist worthy of a suspense thriller, the mastermind behind these unjustified allegations turned out to be a disgruntled former TMTG employee, Will Wilkerson. Wilkerson was shown the door for valid reasons and in retaliation, began peddling these defamatory stories about TMTG to various media outlets.

As the lawsuit further explicates, by May 2023, Wilkerson managed to spin another false narrative, this time involving an adult-content-friendly bank and allegations of securities fraud. Aware of the Washington Post’s predilection for negative stories about TMTG, its CEO, Devin Nunes, and former President Donald Trump, Wilkerson approached them. The lawsuit suggests a dangerous alliance, with the Post willingly collaborating with Wilkerson to propagate false and damaging stories against TMTG.

The lawsuit further exposes the Post’s questionable journalistic ethics, highlighting its May 13 story that suggested a connection between a pornographic-friendly bank and Trump’s Truth Social. TMTG’s lawsuit criticizes the Post for an alleged smear campaign and accuses them of concealing pertinent information.

The lawsuit argues that the Post’s publication of false criminal charges led to public ridicule and damage to TMTG’s business and reputation. For TMTG, this isn’t just about money, but standing against a media outlet that has allegedly been on a years-long campaign to undermine the tech company.

Former Republican lawmaker from California and now TMTG’s CEO, Devin Nunes, has been instrumental in shaping Truth Social as a platform committed to free speech, standing as a bulwark against Big Tech censorship. During an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Nunes outlined his vision for Truth Social, underscoring the need to not be reliant on tech giants and thus risk being silenced.

Discussing the launch of, Nunes emphasized the company’s independence, its success in drawing new users, and its commitment to user accessibility across devices. Nunes firmly stated that they don’t want to be reliant on giants like Google for ad revenue.

When asked about the “Competition and Transparency in Digital Advertising Act”, a Republican-led bill to break Google’s monopoly on online advertising, Nunes was frank about the Department of Justice’s unwillingness to enforce anti-trust laws against tech behemoths.

TMTG is not just building a social platform; it’s standing up against biased reporting, fighting for truth and justice, and holding media giants accountable. Their war is not just about winning the lawsuit, but setting a precedent in an age of distorted narratives and unaccountable news corporations.

Sources: ConservativeBrief, WashingtonPost

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