Desperate For A Job, He Wrote A Letter That Made Everyone’s Heart Melt…


Sites like LinkedIn are a standard part of most people’s search for a new job. But when Ryan Lowry set out to look for work once he graduates from high school in a few months, he approached the site in an unusual way.

Instead of simply checking the job listings and posting his resume, he handwrote a brutally honest cover letter and posted it to his account. The message has since gone viral, bringing Lowry press coverage, thousands of likes and shares — and a number of potential job leads!

After deciding he’d like to pursue a career in animation, 20-year-old Lowry penned a heartfelt message to his “future employer” that described his talents and passions, while also noting that he has autism.

Lowry, who recently celebrated his birthday, posted the handwritten letter to LinkedIn. In it, he described his gift of mathematics, his sense of humor, and his go-getter attitude that made him ready to learn anything he needs to succeed.

“I realize that someone like you will have to take a chance on me, I don’t learn like typical people do,” he wrote, in part. “I would need a mentor to teach me, but I learn quickly, once you explain it, I get it. I promise that if you hire me and teach me, you’ll be glad that you did.”

“I will show up every day, do what you tell me to do, and work really hard,” he added.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one in 54 children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Symptoms vary from person to person, but people with ASD often have difficulties with social, emotional, and communication skills. Many others experience different ways of learning, reacting, or paying attention to things.

Lowry‘s post quickly went viral on the social platform, receiving more than 176,000 reactions and nearly 6,000 comments, with many people offering career advice or mentorship opportunities.

In an interview with CNN’s Janine Mack, Ryan’s father, Rob Lowry, said, “He was going to do it on his computer and his younger brother thought, ‘Why don’t you [hand] write it?”

Mack reported that the family had discussed the message Ryan wanted to send out and ultimately decided that “posting the letter on LinkedIn would be more effective than sending it in the mail.”

The now-viral message has struck a definite chord with employers and job-seekers alike. Mack reported that “Lowry has received thousands of comments, connections, potential mentors, and even job offers.”

Of the many companies that have reached out to him, Ryan Lowry told Mack “the one that stood out is Exceptional Minds, a three-year program designed to teach people with autism about animation.”

“Ryan Lowry is now busy getting his resume and portfolio together. And he is confident he will find his next career opportunity,” his mother, Tracy Lowry, said.

“I’m in awe and never thought this would happen over one written letter,” she told Mack. “I’m overwhelmed with joy for Ryan and for it opening a whole topic of conversation among employers to helping … people [like] Ryan.”

Source: AWM, CNN

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