Democrat Whistleblower Bravely Moving To Take Down Feeble Joe!


People, when their conscience gets to them enough, will admit that something is wrong even when it is being done by someone that they would normally agree with.

Joe Biden has been around a long time, which means that he has given people plenty of time to see how crooked he can be behind the scenes. Now, this was bad enough when he wasn’t the final stop when it came to decisions. The fact that he is at the helm now means that there are people that need to speak up and admit that what he is doing is not the right thing.

Do they though? Do these Democrats really want to do the right thing, or do they want to continue doing what is going to line their pockets? Well, at least one person is willing to do the right thing. As we have seen so many times before, we know that one good person can make a difference.

It’s not unusual for congressmen in border districts to raise the roof over unchecked illegal immigration but this time it’s drastically different. Democrat lawmaker Henry Cuellar isn’t drinking the Kool-Aid. He actually dared to blow the whistle on national TV that the Imperial Palace is covering up the numbers.

Everything about this story turns the normal narrative upside down. When a democrat blows the whistle it’s supposed to make trouble for deplorable nationalists, not the Imperial Palace. Representative Henry Cuellar won’t be eating anything that doesn’t come out of a can he opened with his own can-opener for a while. He’s afraid he might end up suicided.

He dared to accuse Imperial Leader Joe Biden of “purposely withholding” statistics detailing the number of illegals being released into the heartland of America.

The border district Democrat has had enough. When Faux news interviewed Cuellar about a recent statement from former acting ICE director Tom Homan, the Blue Dog congressman shocked liberals right out of their chairs by agreeing wholeheartedly.

The Biden regime is “facilitating illegal entry.” That’s what you call it when you don’t actually detain anyone. As far as Covid testing, don’t get him started.

“These are things that I’ve been talking about for a while. Is Border Patrol checking the the folks coming in? No.” Cuellar is upset that the local communities are expected to pick up the slack, and there isn’t much slack.

“Look what happened in 2019. This is where Greyhound dropped people off all over the place.” He admits that the Democrat party can’t blame Trump for this one. “people are gonna be dropped all over the United States, with not being tested as they get on those Greyhound buses or airplanes.”

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