A new “karma shovel”  is smacked in the face of this group of wayward buffoons freakin’ every day.

I’m starting to think that these Texas Democrats were the reigning champ in the scheme of “Karma backlash,” all this time I thought it was Chrissy Teigen.

It seems like every day a new “karma shovel” is symbolically smacked in the face of this group of wayward buffoons.

It’s the gift of doom that keeps on giving because in history, this “Swamp trip” has got to go down as the worst “PR stunt.”

I’m guessing that these commies wish they’d just stayed at home, given the public backlash, threats of jail, and being forced to pay taxpayers for COVID-positive tests.

They certainly do now, if they didn’t have regrets before because the “fugitive” Democrats’ things have just become a lot worse.

There are now FIVE totals that have tested positive instead of three vaccinated ding-a-lings testing positive for COVID. There are two more Dems just tested positive for the Rona. What a mess.

I’d say that the “vaccinated” Dems contracting COVID so publicly, will be used to push this “Delta variant” narrative, create more fear, and push a “booster” vaccine if I was a conspiracy theorist – which is I’m not.

“See how strong this Delta Variant is? It can’t be stopped by the first vaccine. You need the booster shot, or you will DIIIIEEEEEE” 

Or something like that…

It feels like a mixture of “karma and coordination” all rolled up into one.

Sources: WayneDupree, TheTrueReporter

1 thought on “COWARD TEXAS DEMS Just Got Hit With A MASSIVE Blow!

  1. We had some cowards run out of Wisconsin down to Illinois a few years back and they were looked upon with the same kind of disdain. I was able to get even with one of them at a veterans funeral where I was commanding the Honor Guard and one of them was there showing himself to be a, “friend of the working class.” He walked up to me, extended his hand in typical electioneering, vote getting introduction (I recognized him) saying, “Hi, I’m your state rep.” To which I replied, “Sure, I know you, from Illinois, right?”…he turned bright red, got his hat and left! I can only think of the famous “Bugs Bunny” send off line…”SO LONG JOY-KEE, SEE YA IN ALBAQOI-KEE!”

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