COVID Masks Found Responsible For Thousands Of Unexpected Deaths!


liberals always claim to care a lot with the ocean and the surroundings but the truth is they are actually destroying it as we converse.

Hypocritical liberals killing marine life and polluting seashores with their beloved COVID masks.

According to the Specialists at OceansAsia said that greater than 1.56 billion face masks utilized in 2020 will find yourself within the ocean.

Additionally, they predict that face masks would add as much as round 4,860 to six,240 tons of additional plastic waste within the oceans.

And that analysis was accomplished earlier than Fauci and Biden and the remainder of the clown present advised everybody to put on TWO masks. So these numbers are even larger now.

But, we don’t even have any stable proof that masks are stopping the unfold of COVID.

The CDC and Fauci are all around the map in terms of masks. Put on none, put on one, put on two, possibly three. It’s baffling how anybody can take these so-called “consultants” severely.

We all know Rand Paul doesn’t take Fauci severely in any respect. As a matter of reality, he’s repeatedly referred to as him out for “masks theatrics.”

The piece goes on to say that masks by no means really break down – as a substitute, they break up into smaller items and exit indefinitely.

A current examine discovered that one masks can shed as much as 173,000 tiny plastic microfibers in simply sooner or later.

Specialists say which means the harm from masks is cumulative and is actually piling up within the ocean over time. The consultants go on to say that the state of affairs is critical, and our present waste programs should not geared up to deal with it.

Option to go Dems. You’re actually creating an enormous environmental disaster by pushing masks that don’t have any science even proving in the event that they work or not.

However Dems don’t care, do they? The dirtier the ocean, the more cash these environmental teams can rake in.

It’s all an enormous money-making scheme, and it has little or no to do with really caring in regards to the “surroundings.”

Source: WayneDupree

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