CNN Asks Why Sarah Sanders Is Smiling at the WH Podium. Her Response Is BREATHTAKING

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No one could have expected this to happen…

Sarah Huckabee Sanders stood at the White House podium, but not a single person could have prepared Sanders for what Jim Acosta brought to the table.

As she took the podium on Friday for a diverse round of questions, Sanders called on CNN’s Jim Acosta. He had asked her about the “Madman Theory,” complaining that President Donald Trump puts out a “lot of unsettling off-putting comments that sort of throw people off, that he likes to keep his adversaries guessing.”

Sanders knew her reply was important and stated that Trump “doesn’t want to lay out his game plan for our enemies.”

According to ijr:

Acosta asked a follow-up, noting that those in Washington “hold their breath” with Trump talks:

Just a follow up. So when people are — they sort of catch their breath in this town, when they sort of hold their breath in this town, when he says something like that… you have a smile on your face. Is that somewhat satisfying?”

Sanders was looking at Acosta like this:

Then, Sanders said something that shut down the question forever. When asked why she had “a smile on” her face, Sanders said:

“I picture people in this town holding their breath. That might be a welcome surprise for most of America.”

Watch below:


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