CNN May Be Ready To Fire Crooked Chris Cuomo!


Andrew Cuomo may have found a way to escape from his murder crime but he won’t be able to hide from his “sexual harassment” allegation.

It seems the walls are now closing for Andrew Cuomo, and now his brother Chris Cuomo is hanging on by a thread over at CNN – looks like people are not happy with the Cuomos.

Attorney General Letitia James and her team have uncovered the sexual harassment abuses by Cuomo. And according to the investigation of the team, Cuomo’s case violated both state and federal law.

The GOP leader is now preparing for Andrew Cuomo’s arrest for his crimes.

Maybe you would think that Cuomo may find a way to walk away from these, well you have forgotten how dirty the Dems are that they would find another option to reverse the situation.

Right after Attorney General James exposed Cuomo, a pre-recorded video was released by Cuomo where he victim shamed and said that all the allegations were not true and according to him, the women involved misunderstood his “Italian culture” for sexual advances.

See the statement below:

That’s the same type of excuse Joe Biden uses for his abuse.

But things are getting even worse for the Cuomo family…

Now, a newly leaked email has come out that appears to show that CNN’s Chris Cuomo – the bother of Andrew – helped write one of the very first statements his brother released back on February 28th.

This has led to people calling for Chris Cuomo to be fired.

According to rumors, Cuomo has resigned from his office, however; there’s still no proof that can confirm this.

So far, there’s no reaction yet from Cuomo’s side.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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