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A revered figure in country music leaves behind an unexpected legacy of insightful musings, resurfacing now as potent and timely commentary on the state of our nation.

In the year since we lost country legend Charlie Daniels, his son has unearthed a haunting echo from his father’s past writings, a voice seemingly raised from the grave to speak directly to the heart of our troubled nation today.

Charlie Daniels Jr., known as Junior, assumed the stewardship of his father’s website following his death, discovering along the way that his father’s old blog posts, once seemingly mundane, now serve as chillingly prophetic commentaries on our present-day America. Consider this, from a Labor Day post in 2015: Daniels quotes 2 Thessalonians 3:10 – “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”

This core belief defined Charlie Daniels’ upbringing, a value he said was instilled from a young age in the communities where he grew up.

He wrote, “It was well understood that, once you took your feet out from under your mother’s table, you were on your own, nobody was going to give you anything, that the only way you would survive would be by the sweat of your brow.”

Daniels’ perspective was born of personal experience, having spent his early years engaged in backbreaking labor.

He wrote, “I’ve picked cotton, cropped tobacco, pulled peanuts, worked in the log woods, and am no stranger to backbone jobs, and I consider it a blessing knowing what truly hard physical work is all about.”

Charlie Daniels

He intended for his son to have the same understanding, and introduced him to hard work in his early teens, by putting him to work cleaning out horse stalls in the barn.

But Charlie Daniels saw a problem looming on the horizon: a growing reliance on the government, and an attitude of entitlement, seemingly cultivated by the Obama administration.

He wrote, “It seems that under the current administration self-reliance, personal responsibility, work ethic and the other traits that made America into the nation it is, or was, (that’s a subjective issue) have been traded in for dependence on the government, and a ‘blame all your problems on some outside force, the world owes me a living’ attitude.”

In another post, the iconic singer expressed his frustration with the indoctrination of America’s youth, condemning those who blame America and white people for all of the world’s problems.

His words: “The mind-washed kids who have had their mental processes warped by some revolutionist college professor who regards [Saul] Alinsky and Karl Marx as prophets who indoctrinate young minds with the lies about America and white people being the cause of all the planet’s problems and need to be stripped of their place in the world.”

He expressed frustration with the seemingly ignorant individuals who were jumping on the bandwagon without understanding what they were protesting. He gave the example of a young woman asked if she thought a statue of Winston Churchill should be removed; her reply was, “I haven’t personally met him…” His comment? “‘Nuff said.”

Charlie Daniels

The scorn Daniels felt for those attacking our police forces was palpable. His words were a rallying cry: “So, America if you don’t want to live in a society-run amuck if you don’t want to have an armed escort to go to the grocery store, if you want peace and stability in your life, support our police. And do it now, while it counts so much.”

Above all, Charlie Daniels was a Christian, a fact reflected in his numerous writings. He warned of a world becoming “more evil, more dangerous, more immoral, and more willing to call good evil and evil good every day,” adding ominously, “it ain’t gonna get no better, it’s only going to get worse.”

Yet, despite the challenges he foresaw, Daniels remained hopeful for the nation he loved. His final post, penned on July 3rd, 2020, focused on the upcoming Independence Day.

He wrote, “This year, as we celebrate the 244th birthday of the greatest nation the world has ever known, we are beset with many problems, some of our making and some we have no control over.”

In that post, he shared a piece of his song, My Beautiful America, which beautifully expresses his love for his homeland:

This then is America!
The land God blesses with everything
And no Eiffel Tower: no Taj Mahal,
No Alps, No Andes
No native hut, nor Royal Palace –
Can rival her awesome beauty,
Her diverse population, her monolithic majesty.
America the Free
America the Mighty
America the Beautiful

Daniels ended his reflections with a plea for informed and responsible voting, a warning that remains eerily applicable today:

“Until America starts electing leaders who are willing to take the responsibility of their own actions and the actions of those under their command there will never be street-level justice in America.” He implored us, “Don’t give your vote to some jaded old charlatan or attractive young firebrand with skin-deep abilities and commitments. Measure twice, cut once. Pray for our troops, our police, and the peace of Jerusalem. God bless America.”

And so, the voice of Charlie Daniels, even after his passing, continues to ring out, a clarion call to Americans to remember the values that made this nation great and to act accordingly for the future.

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