California Wrongly Registered MASSIVE Amount OF Non Citizens To Vote In 2018

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There are a couple of cases of life imitating art and the other way around that show why the eyes of the nation should be set on California in the coming election.

It’s the fact that they have their orders to try and skew the 2018 mid term elections as much as they possibly can so they can set things up to try and skew the 2020 Presidential election and make it a little bit easier for them.

People being registered to vote under sketchy circumstances has always been somewhat of a thing in American society. Anyone that has ever seen the TV show Deadwood might remember in the third season that just before an election was to take place that a corrupt politician bribed an army officer to station his troops just outside the Deadwood camp so that they could be eligible to vote.

In the way that he wanted them to of course. This is something that is extremely sad and even more sad given the fact that it is still happening today.

As a matter of fact, I have a neighbor that I have known for a couple of years now who immigrated legally from another country that my family has gotten to know very well. We have become great friends.

One day about three or four months ago he got a letter in the mail that when he opened it up at his mailbox he stopped dead in his tracks reading it, dropped the rest of his mail. It was his notice that he was to report to be sworn in as a US Citizen. This man had tears in his eyes like I had never seen before. They were tears of joy. The reason for those tears? He was going to be able to vote.

Which is why it gets me so mad, and should get others mad when crap like this happens…

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) revealed Monday evening that it had registered 1,500 non-eligible people, including non-U.S. citizens, to vote between April and September, despite assuring the public for years it had safeguards to prevent that from happening.

The error is the latest scandal for the DMV, which had to admit a month ago that it made 23,000 over voter registration errors.

As Breitbart News reported: In 2015, AB 60 went into effect, granting over one million illegal aliens in the Golden State the ability to apply for driver’s licenses without having their immigration status reported to federal authorities. In 2017, AB 1461, the “motor voter” law, automatically registered Californians to vote when they applied for driver’s licenses unless they were ineligible. State officials reassured the public that non-citizens would not be allowed to register to vote because database safeguards would prevent it.

The DMV says that the 1,500 improper registrations do not include any illegal aliens, according to

In response to the news, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, a Democrat, called for an independent audit of the DMV. Governor Jerry Brown ordered his own audit of the DMV last month, after the agency was criticized heavily by Republican businessman John Cox, who is running for governor in November against Democrat Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom.

Cox has said he will reform the DMV if elected governor.

The Los Angeles Times notes: “Elections officials canceled the [errant] registrations. And though absentee ballots will begin going out this week, they said the bar code on each individual ballot would ensure that no votes would be tallied on election day.”

It adds: “In addition to the 23,000 registration errors disclosed last month, the system mistakenly sent out double registration forms for some Californians who had visited the DMV in the spring.”

Conservatives have long warned the DMV’s new process could lead to non-citizens voting.

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4 thoughts on “California Wrongly Registered MASSIVE Amount OF Non Citizens To Vote In 2018

  1. “California has been overrun by VOTER REGISTRATION FRAUD! California has been a deepening blue [Democrat] voting state over a series of elections primarily due to very soft laws on voter eligibility (allowing aliens to register and vote under the motor-voter and the total lack of enforcement of American and California laws, plus almost non-existent penalties for fraudulent voting. The localities with 138% and possibly 144% more registrations than voting-age residents are whoppers, especially because one would not expect even 100% registration. This means that the dead or false voter registrants are higher than 38% or 44%. Folks-realize that many, many local and state office elections are won or lost by 1 or 2% of those voting — you get to see what a serious problem this presents for a true and fair election of representatives. It also points out why illegal immigration is so blatantly supported by the otherwise failing Democrat party.”

  2. I am DISGUSTED with this governor …..If I were younger, I would leave this state. As far as I am concerned, California is no longer a part of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA……it has been taken over by MEXICO…..It is now part of MEXICO. My taxes goes to people here illegally that cannot (most of them) speak English. We pay for their food, housing, medical, and anything else they need……..THE DEMOCRATS NEED THEIR VOTE…..I AM 80 YEARS OLD or I would leave this state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Conservatives have long warned the DMV’s new process could lead to non-citizens voting. The warning is over…….The Democrats signed them up to vote ON PURPOSE…..It was NO ACCIDENT!!! The Democrats will LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, EVEN KILL in order to stay in power…..These are NOT THE DEMOCRATS that my mother and father were during World War 2. THESE DEMOCRATS ARE NOW SOCIALIST…..

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