CALIFORNIA IN TROUBLE – Companies Now Fleeing At Alarming Rate

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Liberal California is not doing so well and it has everthing to do with the left’s way of doing things.

High taxes, over regulated, too high of a minimum wage, living costs through the roof, sanctuary cities … maybe separating from the USA isn’t such a bad idea for them.


From Conservative World Daily:

This week, Investor’s Business Daily reported that Nestle USA is leaving Glendale, California and moving all those good paying jobs to Virginia. The $26-billion dollar per year food company has had enough of California’s high taxes and burdensome regulations.

William W. Roberts, former director of the San Fernando Valley Economic Research Center, said Glendale will suffer significantly from the 1200 job losses.

Roberts said California’s costly taxes, mandates and other requirements have made California a horrible place to do business, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

According to Breitbart, 9,000 companies have left California since 2008!

California is relying on tax payers to dig them from out of this hole. But Trump is ready to bury them, especially since they want to turn their whole state into a “sanctuary.”

IRS Migration data shows that most people who leave California end up in Texas. What a change! From the most liberal state to the most conservative… It’s no surprise, Texas has an abundance of jobs! Coincidence? I think not…



20 thoughts on “CALIFORNIA IN TROUBLE – Companies Now Fleeing At Alarming Rate

  1. Brown is doing the job the globalist elite hired him to do destroying california……………which will be the start of the fall of America and it’s food supply just as the Rothchilds have planned….like a clock they just keep clicking…..

  2. Tik tok tik tok time is ticking away if this country is gonna have a chance it’s with Donald Trump so give up your protest and get over it

    Tuesday Federal Agents forced entry into twenty Southern California locations believed to be orchestrating “maternity tourism” SCAMS for pregnant alien women aiming to gain U.S. citizenship for their soon to be born child.
    BTW, no “illegal squatter” who gives birth here will have their child receive automatic U.S. citizenship. That’s called an “anchor baby” not a citizen!!

  4. That is fine with me as long as Californian’s stay in California and stay out of Texas. They will ruin our Great Nation-State.

    1. Not completely true. There are quite a few very strong Conservatives in california.
      Time for the Northern part of california and Southern part of a Oregon to complete the State of Jefferson.

  5. Texas was close to becoming a BLUE state. Liberal capital Austin is no help. Just stay the F*^$ out of IDAHO! WE DO NOT WANT YOU HERE!

    1. Sorry but that is our destination when our home sells. Guessing many of us are way more Conservative than you think.
      Many of us in Northern California and Southern Oregon want to separate and begin the State of Jefferson.

  6. Not all Californians are as some of the comments indicate! We do not like it either. Our local streets since Nov 2016 have become over crowded and congested. It is as if bus loads of people are being dropped off here. Where are they coming from and who is behind this migration. We hate it!!!!

    1. I would start with your Governor. Remember, he’s the guy who failed to take aggressive action on the Med Fly last time he was Governor. Until it was a total disaster, then he had to do what the experts told him to do. Ariel spraying of an area over 20 times greater than had he listen to the professionals who warned him. Now the buffoon is saying the net loss of people for California isn’t as great as made up to be. Correct. The talent base is leaving and being replaced by non English speaking poorly educated or uneducated people who are mostly consuming and not producing. He is far too stupid to ever figure this out as are those around him. Remember, denial is not a solution.

  7. sadly many liberals from ca bring their sickness with them. I live in a conservative state as well, and we,re experiencing ca refergees increase as well, hope they don,t bring the socialist sickness with them. selah

    1. That’s what happened to Colorado. It got Californicated big time. I move down here to Texas and pray that the same doesn’t happen down here. We’ve got too many liberals here already.

    What if what we are seeing is a brilliantly conceived and and executed plan designed to force the Federal Government to take over the control and running of California?
    Would that not be government taking care of everybody?
    Is that not the Socialist ideal of Liberal Democrats?

  9. Moved to La Paz, BCS, Mexico from Lo Angeles after Obama was elected, never looked back, plenty of food and sunshine and high speed Internet for work. Sailing is great to, ….suckers….

  10. think about this folks, it is good that these companies are leaving California, but I hate to see good people lose their jobs but if these companies that are leaving are bringing the people with them that caused the problems in California then Texas is in trouble. I pray to God texas does not allow them to bring them. hire real Texans

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