As Soon As The Whistleblower Spoke, What Facebook Did To True Patriots Is Sickening!


Biden’s version of America is a complete mess, its foundation and integrity have been in a big dispute recently.

After Frances Haugen, the infamous Facebook “whistleblower” and Democrat donor has been pulling triggers not only to attack Trump supporters but also attacking innocent people who got languished in jail.

This is insane!

Not only that she proved herself to be a complete fraud, but she also became the biggest trigger on Facebook’s banning all financial funding support towards Jan. 6 political prisoners.

Shawn Bradley Witzemann posted this on Twitter last night (Wednesday) on Facebook banning Tribune Media International’s page.

Intellectual Froglegs a conservative comedian — and very good at mocking the insanity on the left was not able to keep himself safe too after he got a possible suspension for posting a fundraiser for #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka BACK IN FEBRUARY.

Joe Dan also got trouble for helping Brandon Straka, Facebook should be boycott for its completely compromised platform.

America has been compromised, from its federal government down to its private sectors. I just can not imagine what more damages this Biden administration could bring to our country.

From paying to deconstruct the border walls, bringing in terrorist-ridden refugees to making all establishments his own.

Via Kevin — Facebook is banning people from linking to fundraiser pages supporting those patriots who languish in jail.

Even Iran had a show trial for Jason Rezaian. We can’t even get that for American citizens in their own country.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

2 thoughts on “As Soon As The Whistleblower Spoke, What Facebook Did To True Patriots Is Sickening!

  1. They say it goes against their Standards but not be able to see it Period and You can not Contact them either and they Lie too and it just that they are against Our USA values and Free of Speech Period

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