ANTIFA SWARM Caught In SAVAGE Attack On Trump Supporters! [VIDEO]


There are Trump supporters out there, millions of them in fact, that don’t participate in any rallies, that didn’t appear at the Capitol, and don’t make it a point to make their politics anyone’s business but their own.

That being said, the idea that anyone should be physically attacked for their views on how the government should be run is absolutely sickening. It’s one thing to ban someone from a store, but to physically attack them is a whole other thing that is just too far beyond anything sensible.

That being said, there are people on the liberal side of things that are going out of their way to hunt down Trump supporters.

Alleged President-to-be Joe Biden still insists that Antifa is nothing but “an idea.” The latest news is that patriotism has been declared a “malignancy” to be removed like a cancer.

The peace loving mob, disbursing pepper spray and throwing rocks at deplorables and police alike on Saturday, just happened to be carrying an “Antifascist Action” flag for the fun of it.

That’s no surprise when the world is learning this week that Hunter Biden and his laptop will vanish in the mists of time with Hillary Clinton’s pizza preference and the sale of Uranium One.

Antifa gets another free pass

On Saturday, the most effective thing that Pacific Beach police did to quell Antifa mob violence was declare an “unlawful assembly.” They won’t admit actually arresting anybody. This way they can still blame all the rock throwing and use of improvised weapons on the deplorable victims.
Some conservative folks along the coast near San Diego, California dared to do the unthinkable and held a “Patriot March.” The New World Order doesn’t like that and Democrats rule now. Constitution? What constitution? Oh, that’s been debunked. It’s no wonder that the mob rose up to put those deplorables in their place.

The mob peaceful Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters were forced to use rocks, pepper spray, bear spray and other improvised weapons against a group of illegal conservatives who dared to show White Supremacist symbols including American flags, MAGA hats, even Donald Trump T-shirts.

Black Lives Matter had counselors standing by to comfort the triggered with a pastel blue safe space and a few cans of Play-Doh. Meanwhile signs like “Ashli Babbitt deserved it” were the height of Southern California fashion.

Makarushka snapped some photos when a “horde” of barbarian Antifa members, at least one who brought a baseball bat. They bravely rushed “a handful of conservatives.” The battle for the boardwalk was vicious. Makarushka tweeted out play-by-play commentary that there was “Heavy police presence some fights and scuffles.”

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