Another FBI False Flag May Be On The Way In September!


Director Chris Wray may be up for another propaganda. Should we be all surprised? His legacy has been really on the line after all this mess.

Well, we all know how a formerly respected agency of the Government could plot an alleged kidnap and kill Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Back in October 2020, the FBI announced during a press conference that it thwarted a plot by a so-called “right-wing militia.”

It was exposed that the FBI used at least 12 informants in the Michigan Whitmer kidnapping case and there are 6 defendants and 12 FBI informants.

According to previous reports, One FBI informant organized all the meetings early on and paid for hotel rooms and food to entice the patsies.

It’s clear that this FBI Agent is using anti-Trump Profanity while investigating the case. Ever wonder why? It’s Biden’s America.

Meanwhile, Yahoo News reports posted that Michael Hills — who represents defendant Brandon Caserta, who is among the six people charged in the case — said during a court hearing Thursday that prosecutors decided not to use Agent Richard Trask’s testimony during a pending October trial. Prosecutors gave defense teams access to Trask’s social media posts this week, with at least one taking aim at Trump and his supporters, Hills confirmed.

And now intelligence agencies are warning that “extremists” may attend the September 18th rally in support of the Jan. 6 political prisoners in Washington DC.

The FBI must be back to their old tricks.

What a corrupt organization.

It’s just another failure for the Biden Administration. We all have to bear with it and until when still not clear.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, Yahoo News




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