After Being Cheated By Disney, DeSantis Is About To Make Another Move….


This week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his intention to take legislative and administrative action against the Walt Disney Co. after discovering that the company had secretly negotiated an agreement to retain control over vast areas of land surrounding its Orlando theme park. DeSantis made it clear that he will not let Disney undermine the will of the people of Florida, stating, “They are not superior to the people of Florida.”

In response, DeSantis and the GOP-controlled legislature are considering imposing new tolls on roads leading to the park and additional taxes on Disney’s hotels. The governor also vowed that the state legislature would overturn Disney’s agreements with the oversight board it controlled before authority was transferred to a board appointed by DeSantis.

Disney’s deal, which granted it control over development for the next 30 years, has raised concerns among DeSantis administration officials that the agreement may violate Florida’s growth laws. One such law stipulates that development agreements must be modified or revoked to conform to laws enacted after the agreement is made, even if those laws were not in place at the time.

Disney maintains that all its actions were within Florida’s laws, but DeSantis is not backing down. He acknowledged that Disney used an obscure legal provision related to King Charles III to bypass his takeover attempt, but he dismissed the notion that the company had deceived him. Instead, he promised that the legislature would void any actions Disney took on its way out the door.

The conflict between DeSantis and Disney began when then-CEO Bob Chapek publicly opposed a legislative proposal—now a law—that forbids schools from teaching children in K-3 about sexual orientation and gender identity. Critics dubbed the bill the “Don’t Say Gay” law. In retaliation, Florida lawmakers stripped Disney World of the self-governing privileges it had enjoyed since 1967.

DeSantis has no intention of letting Disney continue its “woke activism” on the state’s dime. He warned, “There’s going to be more coming down the pike.” Following DeSantis’s appointment of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight Board to replace the Reedy Creek Improvement District controlled by Disney, the company made a deal with the old board to sidestep the new board’s control. The agreement relied on an obscure legal clause associated with King Charles III.

In response, DeSantis has called for state officials to investigate the matter as the new board attempts to undo what the old board agreed to. However, it is likely that any actions taken will result in a legal battle. DeSantis remains steadfast, declaring, “One powerful corporation should not be outside the contours of the law. They need to be held accountable, and we are going to make sure that that happens.”


DeSantis has consistently defended the K-3 legislation as necessary for protecting young students from material deemed inappropriate for their age. His unwavering stance against Disney’s attempts to manipulate Florida’s laws serves as a powerful reminder that the interests of large corporations should never be placed above the welfare of the people. It’s crucial for conservatives to support leaders like DeSantis, who are unafraid to stand up to corporate giants and fight for the rights and values of the American people.

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