A Trans Teacher Threatened To Kill Students And The School Allowed The Teacher To KEEP….


Parents at Fox Chapel Middle School in Hernando County, Florida, are rightfully outraged, and they want answers. Why? Because a teacher allegedly made chilling comments about shooting students, and the school administration failed to notify them. To make matters worse, this teacher wasn’t even fired and has been allowed to return to the classroom.

On March 24, the middle school’s assistant principal, Kerry Thornton, and guidance counselor, Kimberly Walby, reported that a teacher had displayed suicidal thoughts and talked about the possibility of shooting students. The school district investigated and found the statements to be worrisome. However, the teacher was allowed to continue teaching, leaving parents in the dark about these alleged threats.

The district brushed off the comments, saying they were just made out of frustration with the students’ behavior. But that’s no excuse for making such disturbing remarks.

According to The Blaze, the teacher in question, Alexander Renczkowski, who identifies as female and goes by the name Ashlee, admitted to having “bad thoughts” but denied any intent to harm students. The teacher also claimed not to want to harm themselves.

Authorities confiscated three firearms and ammunition from Renczkowski’s home, but the school district’s mental health coordinator, Sandra Hurst, determined that the teacher didn’t meet the criteria for involuntary institutionalization under Florida’s Baker Act law. As a result, Renczkowski was back in the classroom the very next day.

Parents were understandably shocked to learn about the incident from a local reporter rather than the school itself. The school only contacted them 17 days after the report was filed, and by that time, the news had already spread.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement on Wednesday, saying that no criminal offenses occurred and that the teacher did not meet the required criteria for involuntary commitment under the Baker Act. They obtained a temporary Risk Protection Order (RPO) and later, a permanent RPO, which will expire in a year. The teacher cooperated with law enforcement and turned over all firearms.

Now, let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It’s no secret that our education system has been hijacked by the progressive agenda, and incidents like this only serve to highlight the dangers of putting our children in the hands of ideologically driven, mentally unstable teachers.

WATCH the video below for more details:

Parents are right to demand answers and to be upset about the lack of transparency and accountability from the school administration. It’s time for parents to stand up and fight back against the blatant incompetence and negligence on display in cases like this.

We cannot allow our children to be exposed to potentially dangerous situations in their schools, where they should feel safe and protected. The school district’s failure to take decisive action and inform parents about the threats posed by this teacher is a slap in the face to every concerned parent.

In a world where liberal ideology runs rampant in our educational institutions, parents must be vigilant and take matters into their own hands. We must hold schools and educators accountable for their actions, and ensure that our children are not subjected to potentially dangerous situations. We must demand better for our kids and make it clear that we won’t stand for the left’s dangerous grip on our schools.

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