A Star On An All Time Classic Movie Has Just Been Thrown In Jail…


Eddie Deezen, the actor who became famous for his role in the classic movie Grease, has recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons. He has been accused of breaking into nursing homes multiple times, refusing to leave the premises, and putting himself and others in danger.

Deezen played the character of Eugene Felsnic in the 1978 movie Grease and its 1982 sequel. However, his life has taken a turn for the worse as he has been accused of having a mental health condition that makes him dangerous to himself and others.

In April 2022, Deezen forced his way inside a nursing home and refused to leave the building after a woman instructed him to do so. The witness at the nursing home told police that Deezen got physical with people and pushed his way through the opening. She also said that he broke into one of the rooms at the facility before he was kicked out for the day. He was apprehended by police before the day was out.

Unfortunately, this was not the only incident. Later that same day, Deezen returned to the nursing home and allegedly made a victim out of a woman. She said that Deezen had a repeated history of stopping by her place as though he were some sort of stalker.

Security cameras caught Deezen at the woman’s property, and the neighbor who had the security camera said they heard a noise while watching television with his fiancé. The noise was so loud that the man got up from watching TV and went to check on the neighboring property when he saw Deezen. He called the police to report the suspicious man’s activity.

Deezen’s actions resulted in his arrest, and he was initially charged with fourth-degree burglary as well as two counts of trespassing and one count of disturbing the peace due to his loud and obnoxious behavior. However, prosecutors ultimately changed the charges to assault and disorderly conduct because of the way Deezen treated people at the nursing home.

Despite the severity of the charges against him, Deezen’s situation is further complicated by his mental health. TMZ obtained a commitment order document stating that Deezen is no longer fit to stand trial and was deemed incompetent due to a mental illness. He has been transferred out of jail and moved to the Maryland Department of Health building, where he will be receiving treatment for his mental disorder.

The order obtained by TMZ states that Deezen is a danger to himself and others. He will remain under the care of the Maryland Department of Health until professionals at the facility can determine that he is no longer a threat to himself or other people who are near him.

It is a tragic turn of events for an actor who once had a promising career. Eddie Deezen’s behavior serves as a reminder that mental illness is a serious issue that can have devastating consequences. We hope that he receives the help he needs and that he can get his life back on track.

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