A Pit Bull Ripped Her Face Nearly Off, What Made The Dog Do It Will….


A horrifying dog attack left one Connecticut woman with lifelong injuries after her boyfriend’s pit bull mix viciously mauled her. Olivia Quast’s nose was ripped off her face during the attack, which reportedly occurred after she closed the animal’s food bag last month.

The mixed-breed dog, which was a combination of pit bull, pointer, and American bulldog, named “Bentley,” became violent in the presence of the victim’s teeth-whitening mouth guard equipped with a UV light. Quast believes that the dog may have been startled and provoked by the sight of the device in her mouth.

“He got me three times. He took my nose. I was in shock,” the victim told The Middleton Press. “I punched him in the head and he bit me again … He came at me again. I kicked him in the side and he ran away.”

In addition to her nose being severed, Quast’s arm was also badly mangled in the attack. She recounted touching her face and realizing with horror that her nose had been ripped off by the animal’s bites.


Unfortunately, some of the injuries Quast sustained during the mauling, including her mangled left arm, may take up to eight months to heal.

The mixed-breed dog, which had been rescued after being abused as a puppy, was euthanized after the incident. The owners provided it with a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, classical music, and toys before its termination, according to The Middleton Press.

Despite the horrific attack, Quast was said to be grieving over the loss of the dog, feeling “a lot of remorse and guilt” that it had to be put down, according to her father, David Quast.

Olivia Quast’s friends and family have started a GoFundMe to help cover her medical expenses, which have already included the cost of several surgeries. They are aiming to raise $100,000 to cover the costs that her insurance may not.

Pit bulls are known for their aggressive tendencies and were responsible for over 30 percent of the fatal dog bites recorded by the Centers for Disease Control between 1979 and 1996, making them the breed most likely to be involved in such incidents.

The tragic incident serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership and highlights the potential danger of aggressive dogs.

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