A New Video Of John Fetterman Proves Exactly How Sad Things Have Gotten…


In a riveting display of the Democratic party’s neglect for their constituents’ interests, a high-ranking official finds himself in the throes of cognitive decline, struggling to fulfill his duties amidst viral controversy.

With his mental faculties noticeably impaired after a significant stroke a year ago, Sen. John Fetterman, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, continues to struggle on the political stage. A viral video clip from a recent hearing spotlights his ongoing struggle to articulate coherent thoughts and ideas.

The hearing, part of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, centered on the defunct Silicon Valley Bank. Instead of questioning the bank’s CEO effectively, Fetterman stumbled over his words, repeatedly found himself lost in rambling monologues, and struggled to stay on topic. His disjointed thought process was so pronounced that his questions barely made sense, according to a report from the Western Journal.

The video generated a wave of reactions online, oscillating between ridicule and genuine concern. Social media users expressed dismay at the spectacle, commenting on the Democrats’ callousness in allowing Fetterman to continue in a role that he seemed incapable of performing adequately.


The failure of Democratic leadership to properly manage the situation with Fetterman has drawn scorn from Pennsylvanians and Americans alike. One user quipped about the questionable choice of voters who elected Fetterman, underscoring the importance of cognitive competence in public service roles. This sentiment echoed through the digital sphere, with another noting the glaring inability of the senator to form cohesive sentences during a crucial hearing.

It’s important to address mental health issues with sensitivity, but it’s equally crucial to ensure that the public’s interests are not compromised. One Twitter user pointed out that entrusting public matters to individuals recovering from mental illnesses or those deemed unfit, such as the aged Dianne Feinstein, is not a good practice.

Sen. Fetterman resumed his duties in the Senate following a battle with clinical depression. His return, complete with an unconventional attire of a black hoodie and shorts, raised new concerns about the overall health of Democratic leadership. The visibly frail senator brushed off questions from the press, offering only a terse “It’s great to be back. Thank you,” as he entered the Capitol.

His entrance into the building wasn’t received warmly by all. Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk commented on the apparent lack of required cognitive abilities, speech comprehension, and emotional stability among Democrat politicians, using Fetterman’s state as a clear example.

Highlighting the double standards in the Democratic party, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) drew attention to the calls for Sen. Feinstein’s resignation due to her failing health while, at the same time, Democrats turned a blind eye to Sen. Fetterman’s deteriorating condition.

Soon after his return, Fetterman’s office released a statement announcing his chairing of his inaugural hearing. This was accompanied by criticism of Republican efforts to impose stricter work requirements for individuals receiving benefits through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The irony of this statement, coming from a senator currently struggling with his duties due to his health, wasn’t lost on many.

Fetterman’s chief of staff has acknowledged that the stroke suffered by the senator in May 2022 has likely resulted in permanent damage. In February, the office also reported an episode of dizziness experienced by the senator, leading to hospitalization and subsequent treatment for depression.

Despite all this, the question remains: How can Democrats, seemingly champions of the underprivileged and marginalized, let a man in such a delicate state continue in a demanding role without considering the larger impact on the public and the governance of the state?

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