A Leaked Photo Of Joe Biden Explains He Is Absolutely Unfit!


It seems this month is the start of the fall of Biden’s regime…Dems are all panicked they might fall with tyrant Joe.

I mean, elections are rigged for them as the truth prevails, their fraudulent activities were condemned.

On Nov. 3, damning new photos have emerged of Joe Biden returning from a five-day trip to Europe. I mean, look at the old man’s face, clearly, the Democrats’ devastating defeat in multiple elections overnight spells doom for 2022.

This is how The New York Post described Biden’s look upon returning from his trip as “crestfallen:”

“Cast his eyes to the ground, his face etched with concern soon after stepping off Air Force One as the Democrats faced a series of crushing losses in expected strongholds.”

Damning New Photos of Joe Biden

This has been a very bad situation for these Democrats especially for Biden who have admitted before leaving Europe.

“I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that the House and Senate majorities and my presidency will be determined by what happens in the next week,” said Biden.

With Biden’s approval rating currently sitting at just 38 percent, and Kamala Harris’ approval rating at an abysmal 28 percent, the Democrats’ losses on November 2nd were especially devastating news.


The election in Virginia has been solidified by Governor Glenn Youngkin and easily defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the state’s governor race, showing just how much the state’s political opinions changed in just one year.


Former VP Mike Pence has congratulated the victory.

And of course, Josh Hawley has said that this is a “political earthquake.”

Sources: The GOP Times, The New York Times

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