A Black Waiter Was LET GO From His Job After What He Put On A Table’s Receipt, There’s Just One Problem…..


While it wasn’t a dream job for 19-year-old Barnard Bradfield, he did enjoy his job at Bubba’s Bar & Grill in Houston, Texas. He had the opportunity to interact with many interesting people while working as a server, including travelers who came to the Lone Star State from all over the world. However, when it came time for Barnard to print a receipt for some patrons whose names he had forgotten, he made the decision to use their skin tone to distinguish them from the other patrons in the restaurant.

Barnard Bradfield was suspended for writing “Black Girls” on a customer’s receipt. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Click2Houston)

Barnard who is also black had no idea that by listing the customers’ names as “Black Girls” on the receipt, he was about to expose himself to a world of harm. Since he couldn’t recall their names, he chose to continue referring to them by their race without giving the incident any further thought.

“I was trying to remember the ladies’ names, but it wasn’t right, of course. I just was trying to remember their names, so I didn’t give them a wrong order or anything,” Barnard explained.

The way he chose to single them out from the other diners in the establishment did not sit well with the customers, though. Customers were offended by Barnard’s use of their race when they realized how he had characterized them. They complained to the general manager of the restaurant, who had to deal with swift justice against the prejudiced waiter.

Barnard Bradfield Wrote 'Black Girls' On Receipt, Gets Suspended

Eliud Zapata, the general manager, paid close attention to the customers. He was pleased to discover that they did not appear to be as determined to have Barnard’s head handed to them on a silver platter as he had anticipated. Instead, he was able to control the situation, and everybody was satisfied. Or so he had thought. work.

“They didn’t make it a big deal. They were upset about it, but they felt it wasn’t personal, that we weren’t trying to be racist,” Zapata said.

When the customers got home, they took swift revenge. They snapped a photo of the damning receipt and shared it on social media. Barnard quickly found himself off the butt of fierce and upset comments.

One person commented: “This is why I will no longer go to any place on Washington Ave!!! This, not the only place out there that does this.”

Another one wrote:Are they putting different ingredients in our (black girls) food or what?!!!”

The manager of the restaurant decided it would be safer to suspend the 19-year-old waiter rather than deal with the fallout of keeping him on staff after the situation became such a source of controversy. The manager did not, however, dismiss him. He insisted that after his suspension ended, Barnard would be welcomed back to work at the bar and grill as long as he wanted to.

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  1. These women needed to get over themselves, not everything is about you . Maybe he should have put the young ladies in booth 7 instead of black girls, but hey he has learned a lesson and it’s no big deal. You know the old saying “you can call me anything you want , just not late for dinner”

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