California Takes Meat And Cheese Out Of School Lunches, Because…GLOBAL WARMING

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California makes school lunches “climate friendly”… Wow…

Cali, leading the way to tofu eating, sandal wearing, cry baby, achievement trophy holding liberals! Thank God the election of Trump is stopping this mentality in it’s tracks! Poor kids can’t have meat and cheese in their lunches over in Oakland, California because of that mentality.

From Right Wing News:

FOE (Friends Of the Earth) gave kids a lunch menu designed to eliminate foods it says are “unsustainable for our planet.” The new menu features far less meat and more plant-based food. Any meat or cheese the school did use came from “pastured, organic dairy cows.” The student’s lunch menu went from beef hot dogs and pepperoni pizza to vegan stir fry tofu and vegan tostadas. The new FOE-approved menu both se[rv]ed meat and cheese less frequently and reduced the portion sizes.

“This is a landmark moment for school food,” Jennifer LeBarre, head of nutrition services for Oakland Unified School District, said in a FOE press statement. “We were so excited to see how the data showed that we could reduce our carbon and water footprint by serving healthy, delicious food –– like the vegetarian tostadas with fresh made in-house salsa, that kids absolutely love –– all while saving money.”

As if school lunches weren’t bad enough under Michelle Obama. This is ridiculous…AND they reduced portion sizes. Kids come home starving because they don’t give enough food as it is. Now they get snack sizes because you want to serve tofu and vegetarian tostadas? Just because you say “delicious food” doesn’t make it so…

“Climate friendly” lunch, indoctrinating the children to believe in the global warming propaganda. How long do you think it’ll take to be tossed out after they start hearing complaints from parent’s because their kids are coming home starving, from either not eating it or not having enough…

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