More And More People Have DIED From The COVID Vaccine!


You have to think that with the way that people have been getting the COVID vaccine and dropping like flies that someone would have put the brakes on this whole thing by now.

It’s so weird to talk to someone that has gotten the vaccine and hear them talk about how they were told to wait for fifteen minutes after to make sure that they didn’t have any kind of a reaction. Geez, you would think that they would have figured that kind of thing out in the trials right?

Oh, that’s right…they rushed the trials! No wonder people are dying…

Sweden on Tuesday became the latest country to pause the use of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine as European regulators review safety data following reports of dangerous blood clots in some recipients.

The company and international regulators continue to say the vaccine is safe, however, and many countries elsewhere in the world are forging ahead with their vaccination campaigns.

The European Medicines Agency plans to meet Thursday to review experts’ findings on the vaccine and decide whether action needs to be taken. The agency has so far said that the benefits of receiving the shot outweigh the risk of side effects.

The Swedish Public Health Agency said Tuesday that it would suspend use of the AstraZeneca vaccine pending the results of the EMA meeting. Germany, France, Italy and Spain were among countries that suspended use of the vaccine on Monday.

“The decision is a precautionary measure,” Sweden’s chief epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell, said in a statement.

Also Tuesday, the German government said it would postpone until after the EMA meeting a virtual summit of state governors called to review the country’s vaccination efforts. The summit had been scheduled for Wednesday,

AstraZeneca’s vaccine is one of three authorized for use on the European continent. But escalating concern about the shot has created another setback for the European Union’s vaccination drive, which has been plagued by shortages and other hurdles and is lagging far behind the efforts in Britain and the U.S.

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  1. Quid Pro Joe and Com-Allah warned the world about the vaccines. However that did not stop them from cutting in line to get theirs.

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