Wednesday, August 12, 2020

AG Barr Suggests That His Life Is In Danger After Opening Investigations Into D**p State & Taking Job As AG


Opinion| Attorney General William Barr recently compared his arrival at the Department of Justice to what soldiers dealt with prior to D-Day.

“As we’ve been watching the coverage of June 6, 1944 D-Day, I had the thought that my arrival this time felt a little bit, I think, like jumping into Sainte-Mère-Église on the morning of June 5, trying to figure out where you could land without getting shot,” Barr said while speaking at the FBI Academy this past Friday.

Fox News reports:

Thursday marked the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the day when Allied soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy in an effort to challenge the Nazi stronghold in Northern Europe.

President Trump spent that day at Normandy, commemorating the sacrifice of American veterans as he faced impeachment calls and investigations from Democrats in Congress.

“To more than one hundred and seventy veterans of the Second World War who join us today – you are among the very greatest Americans who will ever live,” he stated.

The President spoke with Fox News during his time in Normandy regarding the Russia probe and Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has been resisting pushes for impeachment, but also recently stated that she would like to see President Trump “in prison.”

“She’s incapable of doing deals, she’s a nasty, vindictive, horrible person, the Mueller report came out, it was a disaster for them,” he stated of Pelosi.

House Speaker Pelosi, who also paid a visit to Normandy, would not speak about impeachment during a D-Day interview, but has been a vocal critic of the Trump White House.

Via Fox:

Barr, who also served as AG under former President George W. Bush, returned to the Justice Department as Pelosi’s party continued pressing the Russia issue and his department faced intense questioning surrounding the investigation.

From the start, Barr was suspected of bias due to a memo he wrote which said he thought Trump was well within his powers when he fired former FBI Director James Comey — one of the main issues in suspicions surrounding whether the president obstructed justice.

Since his arrival, Barr has taken actions that prompted both media figures and congressional Democrats to accuse him of shielding the president from warranted scrutiny. Barr has also come under fire for pursuing the president’s directive to de-classify intelligence material in order to uncover information related to the Russia probe’s origins.

26 thoughts on “AG Barr Suggests That His Life Is In Danger After Opening Investigations Into D**p State & Taking Job As AG

  1. Barr is in no more danger than any other AG they are all threatened at some time in their career as AG, the same as any other Prosecutor in this country, when any AG takes their department into political ground then the implications get worse, when any person in a place like investigation or prosecution lets their opinion, and comments run anything they are doing, you did not see prosecutors in any other investigation commenting on investigations they are conducting. just like Mueller, all prosecutors want what they are doing to be secret.
    Now when Barr is parroting the words of Trump to cause disruption within the USA among the population with no proof of any kind that any wrong has occurred in any way, accusations are not proof.

    1. Wrong! The radical left aka ‘new’ Democrat Socialist Party is so filled with hate, they will do anything, even murder to further their agenda. Exposing “Spygate” will result in their demise and they know it!

    2. I disagree with your assessment of this situation that Barr is addressing. He IS in danger unlike most that came before him. I make this statement due to those that are under investigation. These are not your normal crooks or dirty politicians, these are the top echelon in the premier law and investigation agencies of our nation. The FBI and the CIA as are deep-rooted in what they do and have very organized agencies that look after one another. There are those that may feel more loyalty towards their bosses than our Constitution. This in itself would justify tripled security for the new AG who is well known for his personal integrity and respect for the Rule of Law and order under our Constitution.

    3. I don’t agree. It would be wise to have Secret Service guards accompanying the AG at all times, I believe. Or at least until the Clintons are in prison, along with all the Obama traitors who should be executed.

  2. Of course his life is in danger. He is exposing the unbelly of their evil plans and enlightening the world. He stands between the deep state getting their one world, everyone’s a slave, final goal and President Trump attempting to slow it down. ‘they’ thought ‘they’ had won when obomination was elected and then hill would be elected. THE WE the American people came through with a win because GOD is giving us a second/third/fourth/ . . . chance to bring America back to HIM. Eventually prophesy wins out and WE lose to them, but for now WE WIN with President Trump because GOD says so.

    I want to thank American Journal for their platform. I have attempted to respond on other sites and the first thing that pops up is facebook wants to monitor this – I never allow and therefore am silenced. I cannot make endless donations and do not want to be known.

    1. @Deb – It has nothing to do with Yaweh/Jehovah. Your ‘God’ has been the justification for horrendously evil acts since time immemorial. THere are parallels between the Christian ‘Church’ throughout history AND Facebook nowadays – two different forms of social tyranny.

  3. The dems better pray that nothing happens to Barr because there is no doubt it could be the start of something this country hasn’t seen in a very long time.

  4. Of course his life is in ganger. Anything having to do with the Clintons, well people mysterisely get killed or murdered.

  5. Ultimately it comes down to the readers / subscribers of the WaPo and th NYT.
    These two semi-communist rag papers are being supported by their readers / subscribers, while promoting their left luni ideas.
    I suggest that any Conservative (not only Republican) subscribers to these two rags cancel their subscription asap, There is no reason for any proud American to support these two saboteurs of these United States, and that is the goal of these two papers.
    Jeff Bezos recently said that his co. Google will go bankrupt.
    Let’s start to make this statement become true, boucot Bezos and his co. Google.
    Time to go on the offensive
    Use his free services, buycott financing him

  6. He should be worried about his life as anyone who investigates the Clintons should be. Look what happened to Seth Ross and a number of those to testify against the Clinton were said to have committed suicide, for no apparent reason.

  7. It is as if hill has secret admirer, or secret Zorro who sloops in to save her a–, perhaps satan sends his many human minions as well as supernatural to protect her, perhaps she is saved for a later time and she is THE WHORE OF BABYLON.

  8. The same way we elected President Trump in 2016 is the same way we will re-elect him; Fervent prayer and faithful participation!

    We cannot afford to have Obama’s policies reinstated. This republic will slide into mob rule. Let’s do something for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren!

  9. I ‘m sure that anyone that wants to do what is right and good for the people will have those that don’t like it and may use their authority to do something negative…or try to. This is where prayer is well needed and we as a nation need God more than ever.

  10. John Brennan, head of the CIA under Obama, Communist, and a Muslim, is rumored to be the first person to be brought up on a ciminal indictment by Hubert. I’m sure that Brennan has ‘spook’ friends that would act to keep their game under wraps; but their only problem is that the scrutiny would only increase and they would end up in deeper doo doo. But Brennan is a psycho, so I wouldn’t count out anything as possible. AG Barr is a great and brave man for serving his country on a holstile battlefield against an amoral opponent.

  11. Brennan is definitely a pathological liar who is also capable of ordering violence against Barr. He called the
    President a traitor! He has admitted to have been a communist and is beyond my comprehension how he ever became CIA director!!!

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