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Mom With 5-Year-Old Pulled Over, Cops Arrest Her When They See Poor Child’s Sippy Cup

“Absolutely horrendous. This kind of stuff should not happen and it’s terrible…”

Her neighbors are horrified after learning what happened.

A mother in Goshen, Ohio was pulled over by the local police for, reportedly, driving erratically. Police were suspicious of Driving Under the Influence, so they approached with alcohol on their minds. What they actually discovered surprised and disgusted them.

The woman, Elizabeth Floyd, appeared to be cooperating with the officers, though she found herself immediately arrested after handing a sippy cup FILLED WITH WINE to the 5-year-old in the back seat.

“It’s stupidity. Like, why would you risk being in a car, let alone drunk by yourself — to actually having a child inside the car as well and giving them a cup of wine? I just don’t understand what was going through her mind, other than complete stupidity,” a local named Stacey Endicott said.

A concerned citizen had seen Floyd driving erratically so they reported her car to the police.

She now faces charges, including endangering children, along with Driving Under the Influence.

“It boggles me as to why she would even do that,” Endicott said.

“We need people to stop doing this. Stop being irresponsible with your kids in the car period. Stop driving while drunk. Stop driving while under the influence of drugs. Stop OD-ing with your kids in the backseat,” Brandhorst said.

At this time, it is not being reported that Floyd had drugs in her system at the tie of her arrest. One theory suggests that she was openly drinking and used the sippy cup to try to hide the alcohol. It is possible that she had been drinking wine from the child’s cup the entire time, or perhaps she dumped another container of wine into the cup when she saw the flashing lights in her rear view mirror.

Thankfully, the child was not harmed and the woman has a chance to face prosecution and clean up her act.


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