Guy Adds Ex-Girlfriends In ‘Merry EX-Mas’ Group Text: What Could Go Wrong?

Aren’t the Holidays supposed to be about love and forgiveness?

Some of the girls in this message appear to accept love and forgiveness, but, not surprisingly, some do not. It is likely that the guy who sent the message was trying to stir up a hornet’s nest, but perhaps he had some positive intentions as well?

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Take a look at the full discussion below:

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Uhoh, mistake number one. Apparently, Tom cheated on one of the girls with another and both are included in the group message. Perhaps, Tom’s intentions were not so totally innocent after all. Unfortunately, his idea gets worse as it goes.


At least, one of the girls thought it was funny and sees the Holiday cheer. She may be alone in her view, or at least alone along with Tom.


According to one of the girls, she is worried about Tom’s sanity, and his mother shares her concern. I can see it as being a plausible worry, as a group text like this one, especially if alcohol-fueled, was a sick cry for attention.xm6

Well, how is that for a sorta happy ending? Tom and one of the more friendly girlfriends decide to get a drink together. She had a family member pass away near the Holiday and could use a friend. So something good came from Tom’s buffoonery after all!

Technology is great, and can really bring people together, as this group text discussion shows.

Often, things go wrong simply by the use of a smartphone camera. Consider the case of this large family’s Christmas gathering.

That is gross indeed, but impeccable timing from the dog.

Is technology making our lives better? I suppose it is, it just depends on how it is used.



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