Can You Spot The GROSS Problem With This Photo? Hint: The Blonde

These things can happen in an instant!

Laptop camera, security cameras, and smartphone cameras can be found in almost every room or building where people congregate, and they are producing more instant comedy than any of us ever predicted.

Perhaps, the most spontaneous of all of the photos we have seen recently came from this family’s Christmas gathering. There are sixteen or more people posing for the photo, so it is certain that they had to plan just a bit to get everyone together for the shot. You know how it is: at a party, you have to tell everyone to huddle up for a few minutes for pictures. Things appeared to be going well, then at the moment of the flash, this happened:


Do you see it? It appears that the blonde in the front, who is likely to be the most affected by the dog’s actions, does not see it.

Here’s another look:


Disgusting, isn’t it? Perfect timing as well.

Sometimes, the comedy is planned. Consider this fun beach photo. See a problem with it?

Or, how about this photo of five girls in the tub? It is not clear if this image was staged or planned. My personal opinion is: someone made this happen without the girls’ knowledge, which is terrifying. Take a look and decide if this is a horror movie about to happen:

Then there is the case of this girl. It looks to be a normal bedroom selfie, but study the image carefully. Whoever did this is a genius. A sicko, but a genius nonetheless.


Thanks to farteousMAXIMUS at Reddit for sharing.

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