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MIRACLE: Man’s Ninja Backflip Saves Two Kids From Being Crushed [VIDEO]

This normal guy is now a hero. With skills and reflexes like this he should be a professional athlete or have his own movie!

He was working on a bicycle when something teased his senses. Something seemed off.

Perhaps when you live and work near busy streets you learn to always pay attention, even when working on other things, like bicycle repair.

Researchers at the Melbourne School Of Psychological Sciences have concluded that people often “feel” or “sense” changes around them before their logical mind can register a difference. In one study, 50 participants where shown a series of images, each including a pair of images of the same woman. Images were displayed for 1.5 seconds with a one second break in between. After the second of two images in a series was displayed, subjects were asked to describe the difference between the two similar photos. In some cases there was no change at all, in others, only a minor change (in jewelry or accessories or hairstyle, for example.)

“Changes could only be detected by comparing the two photographs,” the researchers wrote in the study.

Participants could normally detect a change even if they could not describe it specifically. They senses something was different without knowing specifically what it was.

“There is a common belief that observers can experience changes directly with their mind, without needing to rely on the traditional physical senses such as vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch to identify it. This alleged ability is sometimes referred to as a sixth sense or ESP,” lead researcher Piers Howe said.

“We were able to show that while observers could reliably sense changes that they could not visually identify, this ability was not due to extrasensory perception or a sixth sense,” he said.

Something like this certainly occurred with the man in the video below. His instant, ninja-like reaction saved these two children. How did he know something was about to occur?

Watch below and decide for yourself:

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