Can You Spot The FREAKISH Problem With This Beach Photo?

At first I thought it was the girl on the right but it gets far worse than that!

We get drawn in to these mysteries often. There is something appealing about finding something extraordinary in everyday life. With smartphone cameras being in the hands of almost everyone you see, there are more photos out there than ever, so people are constantly finding funny things, inexplicable things, or just plain freakish things to post.

Sometimes, people have a little online fun, as well. Take, for instance, this bedroom photo. Do you spot the freakishly weird problem with it? People have been going crazy over this one for a long time. Take a look, then keep reading, below.

More recently, we came across this strange case of five girls in the bathtub. Some appear to be ready to go out, with their hair and make-up done, while others do not. Some appear to be hiding clothing under the water, others do not. In this case, there is something even more bizarre going on in the photo, though it takes a bit of a close look to see it. In the end, it reminded me of a horror movie.

This brings us to the case of this group of bikini-clad beachgoers. They got together for an interesting pose. At first, I thought the girl on the right was the problem with the photo, as she appears to have lost her bikini top.


As interesting as the girl on the far right is, she is not the problem. Do you see it yet? If not, here is a hint:


Whoa! Freaky, and I wish that I had not seen it.

In a way, that guy is now famous, as he snuck onto the internet wearing a bikini, hiding in plain sight.

I’ll take the girl on the right.

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