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[VIDEO] Homemade Guillotine Mishap Takes Out Man’s Nards

This guillotine test is about to go hilariously wrong. Screenshot: Storyful

NACOGDOCHES, Texas, Dec. 16 (UPI) — A Texas YouTuber testing out a homemade guillotine on a can of spray paint recorded the moment the test went almost according to plan.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by user Destruction Channel, featured a member of the channel’s team testing out the guillotine they built for their video experiments.

The man makes the guillotine’s blade fall onto a can of spray paint, causing it to burst open.

The test appears to have gone according to plan, but the can of spray paint ends up launched right toward the man — and strikes him in the groin.

“Not fatal, but incredibly painful accident,” the video’s description reads.


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