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WikiLeaks Release: Emails Show Hillary Joking About Benghazi

Hillary made many mistakes through out the last few years. Her biggest one will always be Benghazi. I use the term ‘mistake’ loosely in regards to that as well, because we all know that she intentionally ignored over 600 requests from Ambassador Stevens for extra security.

It seems that she and her campaign crew find that whole situation funny. During the Benghazi trial itself she laughed when asked if she was at home alone all night the night our men were shot at, tortured, and trapped for 13 hours in that Libyan hellhole.

She states, “Sorry, a little note of levity at 7:15.”

It is even more disturbing when you see that in some of those deleted emails that WikiLeaks release her and some of her minions actually thought about making jokes to lighten the severity of the crimes committed while the trials were going on.

Via Chicks on the Right

Following Clinton’s tense Oct. 22 testimony, Podesta proposed in an email that she could publicly joke, “I used to be obsessed with Donald Trump’s hair, that was until I got to spend 11 hours staring at the top of Trey Gowdy’s head,” a reference to the slicked-back white coif of the South Carolina Republican who chairs the committee. Other Clinton aides shot down the idea. “I love the joke too but I think HRC should stay above the committee,” adviser Jake Sullivan replied, “and especially above personal insults about it. She’s got every inch of the high ground right now.” Palmieri replied: “Wow. You people are a bunch of ninnies.”

So apparently if you don’t joke about things during a time when men lost their lives you are a ninny! Thanks for that bit of trial etiquette. God these people make me sick, and to think that they could all be part of the system that is suppose to save our country.

But then again… this point what does it even matter?


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