If There Was Ever a Body That Deserved to be Painted, It’s This One

If you think about it, it’s really no surprise that body paint has become the latest trend. With outfits getting skimpier and skimpier over time, it was inevitable there would come a point when you couldn’t possibly wear less clothing.

Well, that time is now, and body paint is the answer for those with a penchant for exhibitionism… Not that we’re complaining.

Just take a look at the gorgeous specimen in the video below and tell me that body doesn’t deserve to be painted…

From FanBuzz:

With all of the soccer fanatics in the world (or football, if you’re not American) wigging out over Euro 2016, I’ll be busy getting cartoon eyes from this sexy fùtbol babe in the body paint.

Those things have to be registered weapons of mass destruction. Or at least medium destruction because I’m certain a few “distracted” drivers caused some property damage.

Having two huge cans like that are bound to draw a crowd and you have to wonder if the Portugal national team wants to employ her and sit her near the opposing team’s goals.

Imagine the sweat pouring down a striker’s face during a penalty kick.

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